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The best price of Transcend Pakistan in Pakistan is Rs. 299 and estimated average price is Rs. 12,007.


Memory solutions are critical to our computing needs, from hard drives to memory cards. Many brands produce such products and Transcend is one of the top options for such. They make a range of varieties when it comes to space options with all the various products. Aside from this they also make dashcams and bodycams. The prices of the products vary depending on the specific model, the higher the storage space the more it costs, with SSDs costing substantially more anyway.


Transcend Information

A Taiwanese brand that is based in Taipei which was established in 1988, Transcend mostly produces solutions for memory-related products. These include USB flash drives, various hard drives, card readers, RAM and flash memory cards. The few other products include dashcams and bodycams.

More about Transcend memory products

The hard drives include SSD and older HDD versions, with options for portable and internal hard drives both. The SSD range has lesser possible space in comparison, with 2TB being the most; while in the HDD version, one can find a space-variant of up to 4 or even 8TB. The latter version is built like a mini-tower to be placed on your desk. Transcend also has the PCIe M.2 SSDs which are shaped like a stick and are even faster than regular SSDs.

In the external drive range, one can also find military-grade specs for shock resistance in case one drops their hard drive.

The memory cards from Transcend include SD cards, micro SD cards, CFexpress cars, CompactFlash cards, CFast cards and Expansion Cards for MAC. There are a lot of storage space variants in all the categories, letting you choose the one that suits your needs. With almost all the cards adhering to the latest transfer protocols for high-speed rates.

For USB the brand has a variety that is from the different USB standards such as 2.0, 3.1 and 3.2. The speeds vary with these standards, the higher the number the faster the transfer rate. As the USB Type-C port becomes common, Transcend has adapted and made models which can be used with it as well as with a Type-A port. This versatility gives users the option to move files a lot easier without an adapter for the port. The storage spaces vary, starting from a mere 4GB all the way to a possible 256GB.

Apart from this one can find various RAM chips from the brand and card readers that make it easier to access cards as a lot of computers do not have card slots built-in.

Other products

Transcend also makes a range of dashcams that are used to keep a record of ones driving and in case of an accident, the footage can be seen to figure out faults and such. There are versions that have a lens pointing towards the rear as well so both sides are visible. Many companies have their logistics vehicles fitted with these to help with insurance issues if there is an accident. These dashcams are built with GPS location tagging and also connect to the WiFI on your smartphone so you can download the footage.

The bodycams are similar and are worn by security officials such as the police to record any interactions with the public. This gives both parties access to the proof of interaction and if there are any issues they can be addressed. These bodycams are built with GPS tagging as well so the location can be taken into account as well. They have IP ratings so rain and dust are not an issue. Water beyond a certain depth would interfere though. 


Transcend is one of the top brands when it comes to memory solutions. Their products vary in price, some are cheaper while others cost a lot more. For instance, a regular HDD would cost a lot less in comparison to an M.2 SSD.

The brand also has a range of optimised memory products for Apple.

Price List

Model Price
Transcend External Hard Disk 1TB StoreJet 25M3 Rs. 15,190
Transcend External Hard Drive Carrying Pouch Rs. 299
Transcend External Hard Drive Carrying Pouch Rs. 299
Transcend External Hard Disk 1TB StoreJet 25M3 Rs. 15,190
Transcend 512GB MicroSDXC/SDHC 300S Rs. 9,999
Transcend Storejet H3 4TB USB Rs. 18,450
Transcend Store Jet 25h3 1TB Rs. 14,999
Transcend ESD240C 240 GB Portable SSD Rs. 10,999
Transcend Storejet 25H3P 4TB Rs. 19,600
Transcend M.2 PCIe 110S 128GB Solid State Drive Rs. 7,999
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