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The best price of Hair Trimmer in Pakistan is Rs. 80 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,075.


A beard trimmer machine will have several adjustments to tailor to each man's preferences. Beards are groomed according to the shape of the face, jaw, hairstyle and body. They are also a fashion statement, political statement and kept for religious practice for men in Pakistan. It has up to 5 adjustments, starting from the closest shave possible at setting 1. With these adjustments, it is possible to maintain a goatee, french beard, soul patch and other styles that require a close shave of certain parts of the face.



The trend for growing out your beard has been rising worldwide in the last 10 to 15 years, with famous Hollywood actors such as Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, and many others growing beards for the red carpet. Beards are not only seen worn by old men, but they are also grown by teenagers, young adults and men of all ages.

An extension of their personality, the beard has different cultural significance depending on the regional identity of the man. In Pakistan, each province has its style of beards and hence their unique style of trimming and grooming. It has become essential for men to own personal trimmers that help them maintain their unique beard styles on a daily basis. 

Men's Grooming Trends in Pakistan

Working professionals that were expected to shave their stubble and evening shadows every morning for work are opting for advanced beard trimmers to shave and groom their beards. The cliche cleanshaven look on men supposed to be a sign of good work ethics, serious demeanour, hygienic and disciplined but not anymore, as these norms have changed over time.

Men do not want to waste precious time every morning and would rather enjoy a hot cup of coffee before work than standing in front of the mirror shaving their face. By growing out their beards, men avoid skin irritation, possible acne, small cuts and bleeds and not to mention the sheer exhaustion directly the result of maintaining a clean-shaven jaw.

Reasons to Buy a Trimmer

A personal trimmer makes the repetitive task of shaving feel easy and effortless. The precision and control that comes from having a trimmer will save time and energy that can be dedicated to other more important tasks. Men will enjoy a boost in self-confidence as they will be able to design their unique beard styles.

Having a trimmer at home will save money as trips to the barber or men's salon for your beard trim. Trimmers are designed to be lightweight and ergonomic for strong control and grip making them safe for daily use.

Trimmers are not only used by men to shave their beard, but they are also widely used by dermatologists in skin clinics in Pakistan as an easy way to remove hair before lasering treatments. 

Types of Trimmers

There are different kinds of trimmers in the market, they can be charged directly through a wire, rechargeable and with batteries. It is best to have a rechargeable trimmer to make grooming hassle-free without any interference from dangling wires or leaking batteries.

Philips, Wahl, Panasonic, Braun and Andis offer sophisticated and technologically advanced trimmers. They come with various attachments and voltage specifications. 

Price List

Model Price
PG180 Remington Trimmer Grooming Kit Rs. 5,589
PG180 Remington Trimmer - Grooming Kit Rs. 5,175
ER-240 Panasonic Hair Trimmer-[Japan] Rs. 6,006
Alpina Hair Trimmer (SF-5051) Rs. 3,715
Wahl Pocket Pro Hair Trimmer Black (8066-717) Rs. 3,300
Westpoint WF-6613 Professional Hair Clipper &… Rs. 3,360
Panasanic Nose / Ear Hair Trimmer ER-115 KP Rs. 2,499
Anex AG-7065 Deluxe Hair Trimmer Rs. 3,970
DingLing Electric Hair & Beard Trimmer RF-607 Rs. 4,235
Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer (ER417K503) Rs. 5,445
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