Tubular Battery Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Tubular Battery in Pakistan is Rs. 7,160 and estimated average price is Rs. 29,711.


A better-designed battery, the tubular battery is able to perform more stably. In comparison to the regular plate batteries, the tubular is suited for high-performance requirements. The cost of tubular batteries is a substantial amount more than the regular option.

Pros & Cons


  • Low maintenance

  • Stable performance even at high temperature

  • Fast charging

  • More durable

  • Longer standby time


What are tubular batteries

Unlike regular lead-acid batteries, the tubular battery employs technology that seals the active material into polyester tubes called gauntlets, ensuring a longer life. The regular ones paste the active material onto a plate. All tubular batteries act similarly but of course, they are not all made the same the differences come in the composition of the alloy in the positive support structure. Another factor is how the main backbone of the plates, called the spine, is cast. Gravity Casting is the most simple form and while these work well it is nowhere near the other 2 grades. Low Pressure Casting and HADI Casting, with the latter being the best in the battery industry. These 2 technologies make for better batteries, the individual advantages just become exponentially better as these technologies are applied.

Advantages of tubular batteries

Due to the construction, these batteries are tougher and more durable, this helps them perform consistently at higher temperatures. This helps with high cyclic applications, which can generally cause a lot more fatigue in regular batteries. As a lot of batteries are used for high-end applications the tubular battery is a better choice due to the mentioned advantages. Tubular batteries also require a lot less maintenance and can charge much faster than regular batteries. Another advantage is the long standby life in comparison to other batteries. 

Tubular batteries are available at a higher price point due to their more complicated construction requirements. But are worth the money in the long run as they outperform plate batteries. In Pakistan, some of the brands producing tubular batteries include Phoenix and Osaka.

Price List

Model Price
Phoenix EUR-75 55AH Tubular Battery Rs. 11,420
Phoenix XP210 Plus 23P 165AH N150 Family Lead Aci… Rs. 30,740
Osaka TA-1800 5PL Deep Cycle Lead Acid Tall Tubul… Rs. 45,000
AGS SP-1800 7PL 140AH Tall Tubular Battery Rs. 33,600
Phoenix EUR-130 95AH Tubular Battery Rs. 15,440
Daewoo DHV-195 Deep Cycle Lead Acid Sealed Battery Rs. 24,470
Daewoo DIB-200 Deep Cycle Lead Acid Sealed Battery Rs. 36,300
Daewoo DIB-180 Deep Cycle Lead Acid Sealed Battery Rs. 28,810
Exide MF-75 13PL 55AH Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery Rs. 13,350
Exide MF-95 13PL 72AH Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery Rs. 16,510
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