Turkish Lamps Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Turkish Lamps in Pakistan is Rs. 2,800 and estimated average price is Rs. 10,516.


Turkish lamps are known for their colourful glass patterns. They are available in various forms and are loved all over the world. The price of one of these lamps depends on its size and quality, it is available from mid to higher range prices.


Turkish Lamps

A classic style of lamp that has been produced in the Turkish region for centuries. These are beautiful glass lamps that have many colours that produce a nebulous pattern once the light inside is turned on.

Turkish lamps are made by cutting glass of various colours in a geometric pattern and then these pieces are stuck onto another blown glass globe. The spaces between them are filled up and then the lamp is run against a lathe machine to smoothen it out. This is the only part of the process that uses machinery, the rest is all done by hand.


There are many different kinds of Turkish lamps, one an find them as hanging ornamental lamps, as desk lamps or fitted into a sconce for the wall.


Turkish lamps are what inspired Louis Comfort Tiffany to create his line of famous stained glass lamps.

A Turkish lamp can be purchased for mid to higher range prices, with variation in rates depending on the size and quality of the lamp.

Price List

Model Price
Turkish Style Exotic Retro Glass Decorative Table… Rs. 3,500
Round Turkish Mosaic Table Lamp | Home decor Rs. 9,410
Turkish Mosaic Table Lamp Handmade Mosaic Glass R… Rs. 2,800
Turkish Table Lamp Rs. 18,990
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