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The best price of Tux Tissue in Pakistan is Rs. 60 and estimated average price is Rs. 233.


The tissue brand called Tux is considered a premium tissue box in Pakistan that has a variety of products. The quality of the tissue paper highly durable and absorbant that is soft to touch and hypoallergenic making it safe to use on sensitive skin. The Tux tissue is made from wooden virgin pulp sourced organically making it a natural product without harmful chemical.


Convenience and Hygiene 

The ecofriendly manufacturing of Tux tissues focuses on sustainability and forest management to not hurt the environment. The Tux manufacturers are PEFC and SVLK certified ensuring their products are natural and Optical Brightening Agent (OBA) free (made without bleaching agents).

Personal Tissue Products   

The popular products by Tux Tissue are the Facial Tissues that have various sized tissue boxes with smaller packs with 60 sheets and the larger packs with 100 to 150 sheets. A single tissue sheet is 150 X 200 MM in size capable of wiping an adult face completely. The POP UP box is a convenient design that takes up less space as it is shaped to be standing verticle as compared to the Grande box that is shorter in height but longer in length. There is also a Shades Pop Up box that has colourful exterior that looks stylish when placed on a coffee table or side table. The Mini Pop Up is designed to be easy to store on smaller tables or office desks. These products ensure that consumer are able to buy according to their personal needs. 

The Multi Color, Perfume Memories and Royale Gold are more luxurious tissue papers that come in various packaging with the different quality and quantity. of sheets per box. The soft pack is easy to carry in your handbag or trouser pocket as it is soft packaging with a few facial tissues for carrying around when travelling or commuting. 

Bathroom & Kitchen Tissue 

Tux offers two kinds of tissue paper rolls including toilet paper and kitchen roll. The thick and absorbent Kitchen Paper roll are ideal for quickly cleaning surfaces as it has a wide sheet that is made free of any bleach to ensure it stays intact for longer. It is available in a twin pack and single roll packaging. The other roll variety is Toilet paper that is sold in single, pack of two and a bigger family pack of 10 rolls making it easy to stock up for several weeks. It is absorbent and fragrant ensuring maximum hygiene when used for wiping down the body. 

Dining & Events 

For formal dinners, at the house or restaurant, the larger sheets of tissue are used that are called Napkins. There are various kinds of napkins including Coffee Napkins, Dawat and Table. The coffee napkins are smaller in size and offer 50 sheets per pack. The Dawat napkins are square-shaped and have a formal self embossed design that looks elegant and stylish placed on dinner plates. The regular Table Napkins are larger as compared to Dawat and ideally used for larger gatherings, events and weddings. They have lots of different colours to choose from to match the rest of the decore and china set being used. The Pocket Pack Napkin is a soft pack with 10 sheets of tissues that are multipurpose and great to store in the car or handbag.. 

Price List

Model Price
Tux Paper Towel – 1 Tissue Roll Rs. 270
Tux Grande Hypo Allergenic Premium Tissue Box Rs. 170
Tux Grande Premium Tissue 100x2Ply 200 Sheets Rs. 137
Tux Premium Tissue Paper Towel 1 Roll Rs. 199
Tux Premium Tissue Kitchen Paper Towel Roll Rs. 135
Tux Popup Pop-Up Premium Tissues Box, 300 Sheets,… Rs. 190
Tux Royale Premium Tissues (2Ply x 200 Sheets) Ti… Rs. 330
Tux Premium Tissue Toilet Roll Paper Rs. 60
Tux Tux Square Premium Tissue 100x2 Ply 200 Sheets Rs. 116
Tux Premium Tissue Mini Pop Up Tissue 60 Sheets Rs. 60
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