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The best price of Ugreen in Pakistan is Rs. 550 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,750.


An accessories brand from China, Ugreen produces a very large range of converters and adapters for one to make use of all kinds of technology from different eras. This is a very useful range of products. The other products include chargers, power banks, earphones and buds, USB hubs and Bluetooth receivers for audio transmission. The price of Ugreen products is in the affordable ranges.



This is a Chinese brand that produces accessories for portable devices. It has made officially certified products for Apple as well, under the MFi program.

The product range includes chargers, audio equipment, USB hubs, holder, and various cables, hard drive enclosures and adapters/converters.

Ugreen chargers

The chargers include Fast Charging abilities. One can find wall socket chargers, car chargers, wireless chargers as well as power banks. Their range also includes battery chargers with four slots, as well as a charger for GoPro batteries that can charge 3 batteries at the same time.

Audio equipment

The brand produces a range of wireless earbuds as well as wired options one can use with their Lightning port. The other audio solutions include Bluetooth receiver and Bluetooth FM transmitters, both of which can be used in cars. Which one you need, depends on the audio system in your car.

USB hubs

These hubs are made with a host of options, they include extra USB ports of Type-A and Type-C, HDMI port, Ethernet and 3.5mm audio. There is a mix of these and different models have a different set of them.


One can find a whole range of holders for their tablets or smartphones. With versions just for desks and others that are to be used while driving, as well as a wall-mounted one that would be ideal for the kitchen. 

Cables and adapters/converters

The cable range includes extenders for AUX cables, Lightning cables, micro USB and data transfer cables. The adapters and cables that have a similar function have a very large variety. From Type-C to Lightning, Lightning to 3.5mm, Type-C to mini USB, 4K UHD DP to HDMI and many many more. These converting cables are very useful as there are so many devices that one may need to use with non-compatible items. They even make 3.5mm audio splitters so 2 headphones can be used with one port.

There are also options for legacy ports combined with the various kinds of USBs at the other end. This is also helpful to make use of older technology. Such adapters one can find at Ugreen include things such as VGA to HDMI, DVI-D 24+1 to VGA, Mini DP to HDMI & VGA and more.


Some of the adapters and cables produced by Ugreen are the kinds of things people are always looking for and cannot find good quality versions.

Overall the Ugreen quality is decent and the prices are competitive, most of their products are in an affordable range. 

Price List

Model Price
Ugreen Quick Charge 4.0 3.0 PD Charger 20W QC4.0 … Rs. 2,006
UGreen USB External Stereo Sound Adapter, 30712 Rs. 3,200
Ugreen 40412 Hdmi Cable HD118 Male To Male Cable … Rs. 1,425
UGreen 3.5mm Straight To 90 Degree Audio Cable, 3… Rs. 1,000
UGreen 40964 USB External Stereo Sound Adapter Rs. 3,199
UGreen 10841 Micro USB 3.0 Male To USB 3.0 Cable … Rs. 1,499
UGreen 80404 8K Ultra HD HDMI 2.1 Cable – 3M Rs. 3,999
UGreen 10319 USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable – 5M Rs. 2,899
UGREEN 50247 CAT 6 Shielding Crystal Head 50PCS Rs. 1,799
Ugreen Lightning to 3.5mm Male Aux Cable Rs. 3,799
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