Usb Salt Lamps Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Usb Salt Lamps in Pakistan is Rs. 219 and estimated average price is Rs. 405.


Made from Himalayan salt, these lamps have a low-watt bulb fitted inside. This gives off a soft pink-hued glow. There are claims that these salt lamps have health benefits which is also why people keep them in their rooms as well as for the ambience. USB salt lamps are available at the lower end prices; the lamp would have to be a lot larger for it to be expensive.


USB Salt Lamps

USB salt lamps come in many sizes and designs, they are made of Himalayan salt and have a small bulb inside which is usually a low-watt bulb. The light given off becomes a pinkish one due to the colour of the salt; this makes for very nice ambient light in the room.

They are called USB salt lamps because instead of a regular socket they have a USB cable that is used to power the light. This means one can use it with any phone charger, or a power bank even.

Effects of Salt Lamps

Holistic health practitioners claim that these lamps are good for the health. They say a USB salt lamp can help with one's sleep, mood, ease allergies, clean the air and also improve breathing for people with asthma. The salt apparently releases negative ions which get rid of particles in the air.

This health-related aspect is debated much as there is no concrete evidence still.


A lot of people say their USB salt lamp has helped them feel better. It could be a placebo effect but that is not yet known for sure either.

The price of USB salt lamps is nominal in Pakistan, as we have one of the largest salt mines in the world, but the larger it is the more it costs.

Price List

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Gift City - New 3D Acrylic Sheet Printed 7 Color… Rs. 449
Gift City - New 3D Acrylic Sheet Printed 7 Color… Rs. 449
Gift Mall - 3D Acrylic Sheet Printed 7 Color Cha… Rs. 499
Gift City - Modern 3D Acrylic Sheet Printed 7 Co… Rs. 449
Himalayan Globe Shape Usb Salt Lamp Multi-color Rs. 317
Gift City - New 3D Acrylic Sheet Printed 7 Color… Rs. 449
Multi Color Chaning Usb Flower Shape Himalayan Sa… Rs. 317
Himalayan Heart Shape Usb Salt Lamp Multi-color Rs. 319
Gift City - Beautiful 3d Acrylic Sheet Printed 7 … Rs. 449
multi color Chaning USB Umbrella shape and table … Rs. 345
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