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The best price of Varsity Jackets in Pakistan is Rs. 1,095 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,860.


With its origins in university baseball, the varsity jacket is now a common style of jackets that is worn by many people. There are a lot of different brands that produce them and even today they are closely associated with baseball as many teams have their own varsity jackets in the team colours. The price of a varsity jacket can be from the lower end all the way to being expensive depending on the material and brand.


Varsity jacket

A jacket of American origin that has its beginning in the sporting culture of their colleges and universities. The word 'varsity' refers to their starting teams. The varsity jacket was introduced by the Harvard University baseball team in 1865, since then the style has been adopted by almost all other institutions. It is still closely associated with the sport of baseball today.

A varsity jacket has a large letter sewn onto where the breast pocket is supposed to be. The initial is from the player's name, with the captain having an accompanying star. The varsity jacket was awarded to players on the team so they stand out when they represent their institution. Owning one was a matter of pride, it was not bought out of respect for the tradition of being awarded it. Certain schools today only award the letter, meaning players and other students purchase the jacket before.

The back of the jacket would have the team or institution name on it. These jackets are also known as letterman jackets due to the letter sewn on.

Over time the style has also become a common fashion option.

Varsity jacket design

The collar is round, made from a ribbed material, as are the cuffs and the waist. The body of the varsity jacket is mostly made from boiled wool, although today one can find versions made from leather and other materials as well. The front is closed by large snap buttons and there a slim cut pockets.

Many times the body of the jacket is a different colour from the arms, originally these were to represent the school colours. Today one can find brands use their own colours to create such contrast or at times have a single colour even.


Varsity jackets can be bought at different prices depending on the brand that made them. The prices range from affordable to expensive.

This makes for a comfortable jacket that is also stylish.

Price List

Model Price
Stylish Maroon Versity Jacket For men Rs. 1,099
Baseball Varsity Stylish Jacket For Men Rs. 1,299
Baseball Varsity Stylish Jacket For Boys Rs. 1,599
Baseball Varsity Stylish Jacket For Men Rs. 1,499
93 Varsity Zipper Jacket (Plus Size) - W22 - MJ00… Rs. 7,999
Oversize Phenomenal Varsity Jacket Rs. 3,250
Letter Patched Striped Trim Varsity Jacket & Swea… Rs. 11,600
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