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The best price of Vases in Pakistan is Rs. 100 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,881.


A vase is one of the common decorative items that you will find in most households. They are versatile pieces that can be used as an ornament or for holding flowers, food items, potpourri, depending on their design. Buy beautifully designed vases for sale on our website from leading Pakistani sellers. You can also buy lamps and vases sets or a set of candle holders with a matching vase on our website.  


Tabletop Vases

The simple cylindrical vases that are common in almost every household are usually used for holding fresh or artificial flowers. They come in all materials, shapes, heights and colours and are usually placed on centre tables, shelves or window sills. The wide-mouthed variety of vases are used to hold potpourri, nuts, confectionery or fruits. 

Floor Vase

Tall floor vases that are used merely for decorative purposes add style to the decor. They are commonly made out of bone china, brass, wood, porcelain, crystal or metal and can be carved, handpainted, plain, cut worked or come with lightbulbs installed inside. Floor vases are usually placed in the corners or near a pillar so they add a decorative flair without getting in the way.

Greek Vases

Amphora, a type of vase with two vertical handles at the neck is an example of ancient Greek pottery. It is still used today for ornamental purposes or for storing coins, olives and fermented products. Other popular vase shapes invented by the Greeks are the Hydria and Lekythos that were both used for storing water or oils. Today they are used as decoration pieces and come in hand-painted designs. 

Chinese Vase

The milky white and cobalt blue vases with Chinese paintings are called Ming Vases. They are expensive but add an antique touch to the decor. They are now also available in many colours and with gold and silver accents making them an expensive item to own.

Blue Pottery Vase

Blue pottery vases come from Multan and Cholistan in Pakistan. It is the ceramic art of encapsulating the blue and white Sufi mausoleums in miniature handpainted vases and utensils.


Urbangalleria, Orange Jeans, Interwood, Habitt, Haroon's and Telemart are some of the leading brands that sell all types of vases in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
transparent Glass Vase Rs. 899
Nordic Postmodern Wall-Wall flower arrangement va… Rs. 174
Elegant Vase Rs. 350
Transparent Crystal Glass vase Rs. 1,850
Green Ceramic Vase Rs. 6,500
Risoy Decorative Vase Rs. 10,999
White and Black Bloom Vase Rs. 3,449
Crystal Glass Vase ZigZag Pattern - Blue & Pink Rs. 3,000
Dominick Glass Vase for Centre Piece - Home decor Rs. 9,410
Nysco Glass Vase Rs. 2,900
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