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Vatika Hair Gels come in various options, allowing you to style your hair as you want with the kind of texture and finish you like between the different gels.


The Vatika Hair Gels come in a few different kinds, letting one get the kind of hold and finish they want.

The Vatika Maxx Hold Styling Hair Gel is for a more extreme hold, allowing for styles that defy gravity. A firm hold for all conditions without leaving any residue. Vatika Strong Hold Styling Hair Gel has a powerful fixing agent that also adds a long-lasting shine to your hair.

With the Vatika Wet Look Styling Hair Gel, you get the hold but a super shine which makes your hair look like it is almost wet still.

All the different Vatika Hair Gels are infused with herbal extracts to make sure your hair is also nourished. With different gels these herbs vary, one has aloe vera, hones and jarjeer, while the other has lemon, henna and olive. Another gel has cactus, olive and nettle.

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