Vatti Kitchen Hood Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Vatti Kitchen Hood in Pakistan is Rs. 100,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 109,400.


An ideal for the kitchen the Vatti Kitchen Hood will make sure all your smoke and fumes are extracted from above the stove as soon as they are created. This keeps your kitchen well ventilated helping you to have a home that does not smell of food all the time.


If you would like to keep your kitchen well ventilated the Vatti Kitchen Hood can help you. Kitchen hoods are installed right above the stovetop, this way whatever smoke and fumes are caused by the cooking are immediately sucked out.

Vatti Kitchen Hoods are made from stainless steel and tempered glass. The controls vary between touch and buttons. WIth the Vatti Kitchen Hoods one has lights right above their stove as well, this helps keep an eye on your food and better see as it cooks.

Fan speeds for the exhaust in the hoods vary, letting one set the apt speed for the amount of cooking they are doing or the kind of cooking. Frying might need more power to get the smoke out while slow cooking meals are easier to ventilate.

These Vatti Kitchen Hoods come with self-cleaning systems as well so the insides are cleared up. The filters are extended for oils to be stored, these are gathered as grease in the smoke. Filters need to be cleaned at intervals so they are not clogged, this reduces the exhaust's power to work.

Designs of the Vatti Kitchen Hoods are clean, with simple lines that become a part of your space rather than be jarring and in the way.

Overall these kitchen hoods are relatively expensive.

Price List

Model Price
Vatti V932 kitchen hood Rs. 100,000
Vatti V936 kitchen hood Rs. 112,000
Vatti V934 Kitchen Hood Rs. 110,000
Vatti V931 kitchen hood Rs. 110,000
Vatti V991 Kitchen Hood Rs. 115,000
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