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The best price of Veet Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 110 and estimated average price is Rs. 487.


Veet is a known manufacturer of wax strips and depilatory creams that painlessly remove unwanted hair from the body. Hair removing creams are the fastest and easiest ways of hair removal. Check out Veet cream prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Effective Hair Removal

Veet cream coms with FreshTM Technology that allows the cream to work at the roots of the hair. This delivers a closer and long-lasting smoothness and an effective hair removal solution. The cream can remove stubborn and thick coarse hair within minutes from the bikini area, legs, arms and underarms etc. 

Skin Type

You can buy Veet cream according to your skin type. The brand has options for sensitive, normal and dry skin types. The creams are enriched with Lotus Milk that is loaded with skin softening properties. This ensures silken soft smooth skin that is also well hydrated. The cream is pleasantly fragrant with Jasmine. If you don't like to use creams you can buy Veet wax strips or finger wax instead from our website.

How to Use

The creams come with a spatula for easy and hygienic application. The targeted area should be clean and dry before hair removal. Lift a small amount of the product with the provided spatula and spread it on the part of the body you want the hair removed from. Spread the cream evenly, making sure to cover all unwanted hair. Do not apply too thick a layer as it will cause product wastage. Depending on the thickness of your hair, wait for at least 3 to 6 minutes before scraping off the hair with the spatula and then wash with mild soap and warm water. Also, wash the spatula after each use and disinfect it with a good product.  


Despite the ease of use and quick process, hair removing creams are only a temporary and short-lived solution to unwanted hair problem. Women who do not have fast and thick hair growth can benefit from Veet cream but those with thick and fast hair growth will see a shadow of hair coming back within a few hours. Also, the skin will feel rough and sandpapery to touch as soon as the hair starts to grow back in. Waxing is still a much better and long-lasting solution, though not entirely painless. Hair removal creams have also been associated with hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration. 


Veet is an FDA-approved brand and is safe to use for most individuals, but it does come with warnings. The brand uses strong chemicals in its creams and products. They can cause skin irritation and redness and in some cases can cause respiratory issues.  

Price List

Model Price
Veet Silky Fresh Hair Removal Cream Sensitive Ski… Rs. 325
Veet Hair Removal Cream Sensitive For Men 100gm Rs. 470
Veet Cream Silk & Fresh 100 gm Dry Rs. 640
Veet Cream Silk & Fresh Normal 100gm Rs. 399
Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin Rs. 780
Veet Silk & Fresh Sensitive Cream 200g Rs. 860
Veet Silk & Fresh Hair Removal Cream For Sensitiv… Rs. 700
Veet Cream Silk & Fresh Dry 50gm Rs. 260
veet normal skin hair removal cream 100gm Rs. 690
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