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The best price of Victoria Secret Perfumes in Pakistan is Rs. 890 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,087.


A high-end brand that is mainly a lingerie producer but also has accessories such as perfumes. There are a lot of great options that have also done well in the market over the years, and continue to do so. The price of Victoria's Secret perfumes is high as this is a famous brand and also because they use quality ingredients. A lot of the options have a floral freshness to them, a feel that is in line with the overall brand image.


Victoria's Secret is the most well-known brand when it comes to women's undergarments. Over the years the brand has expanded into other areas, including fragrances. Even in this segment, Victoria's Secret has garnered success, with a few hit perfumes over the years.

The lingerie brand was started in 1977, by Roy Raymond. The perfume lines are also themed and named along their lingerie lines or 'romance'.

Victoria's Secret Perfumes

The in house nose is Mark Knitowski, his aim for the brand is to create persona via scent and also develop scents that are different from whatever else is on the market.

The more successful perfumes from Victoria's Secret include Victoria's Secret Bombshell, Victoria's Secret Tease, Victoria's Secret Dream Angel, Victoria's Secret Very Sexy and Victoria's Secret Heavenly. 

Bombshell is perhaps the most well known out of the successful scents. It is a fresh fruity and floral mix, with a citrusy feel. It is often considered ideal for summery days. Made from a mix of passionfruit, grapefruit, pineapple, tangerine and strawberries for the top layer, with peony, vanilla orchid, red berries, jasmine and little of the valley for the center. The base notes are musk, wood notes and oakmoss.

Tease is a warm-gourmand, with pear as the main ingredient. Which is rare, as pear is not used often. The other hints include black vanilla and gardenia. For Dream Angel, the brand has gone with golden berries, creamy woods and vanilla absolu. This scent is designed to feel like a flash of prism or a rainbow.

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy is based around vanilla orchid, clementine and wild blackberry. It would have been another floral scent but the white musk adds a lot more to the overall constitution, giving it a complexity.

Secret Heavenly is a warm fragrance and has white musk, sandalwood, vanilla and white peony as its main layers. This scent is able to be beachy without being another floral or citrus-based smell. It works as a great all year round perfume, but especially for summer.


The names mentioned are only a very select few of the options that Victoria's Secret has available. There are multiple iterations of many of these options, like Bombshell Intense, Bombshell Beach and so on. One can choose based on the kind of scent that suits them.

The sillage is high, meaning the fragrance stays a long time after one has put it on. This is also due to the fact that the brand uses good quality materials. This also being the reason why the cost of Victoria's Secret perfumes is generally high.

Despite a focus on women, Victoria's Secret also produces a few colognes for men.

Price List

Model Price
Victoria's Secret Bombshell Intense EDP 50ML Rs. 18,270
Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Noir Body Mist … Rs. 3,234
Victoria's Secret Bali Coconut Palm Body Mist 250… Rs. 3,234
Victoria Secret Love Spell Shimmer Body Mist 250Ml Rs. 3,390
Victoria Secret Citrus Chill Body Mist 250ml Rs. 2,400
Bombshell Intense For Women By Victoria Secret Ea… Rs. 15,960
Victoria Secret Pink Every Thing Nice Body Mist 2… Rs. 3,101
Victoria Secret Gold Struck Body Mist 250Ml Rs. 3,101
Victoria Secret Tropical Spritz Body Mist 250Ml Rs. 3,101
Victorias Secret Fragrance Mist Warm & Cozy 250ml Rs. 3,203
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