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The best price of Video Camera in Pakistan is Rs. 3,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 81,251.


Despite all the smartphone cameras becoming high quality there is still place for video cameras. Given the size of the sensor and lens on a smartphone camera, the video camera can do a lot better quality video. Portable and with features that make them very useful for recording video in various environments. With built-in storage space and the options for SD cards and batteries that last an ample amount of time. The price of a video camera depends on the specific kind and brand.

Pros & Cons


  • Portable

  • Durable build usually

  • Feature-packed


Video cameras are still useful

In the new era of super crisp smartphone videos one would imagine that the video camera market is dwindling but that is not the case. There is still a load of functionality that video cameras provide which the tiny sensor on a smartphone camera cannot handle. Available in so many forms, with different specs and features that listing them all would be near impossible.

What are your needs

What you are looking for depends on what your personal needs are. Some such as the Sony Handycam are portable and able to live stream onto social media. Others by Canon are powerful enough to shoot a pro-level movie for cinema viewing. With modes that range from fully automated control of what the video feels like to allowing you to play with manual settings that make the video itself a trademark of the user.

More specific features

If you have extreme situations like water and cold weather there are options for that too so you can record sporting situations or jumping off a cliff. With a lot of these there is the feature of being shockproof too as in such an environment the camera dropping can easily happen. Waterproofing could be cameras themselves or a housing unit that encases them and protects them at quite a depth even. The amount of ruggedness varies and one can look at the technical specs to know exactly what their device can handle.

Storage spaces

Video cameras come with built-in space or an SD card slot to record on, there are also some which have the option of both so you have more than enough space before you run out getting enough time to really run through a session of action.

Quality of content

If high-quality video is needed for content that shows it has some production value a video camera will take you a long way. Investing in the right one is important so you aren't scrambling to upgrade too soon.


There are a multitude of brands that produce video cameras with various models. Which one you choose is a matter of your specific needs and the budget you have in mind. Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and GoPro are the more known brands for video cameras. One can also find video cameras that shoot 360-degree shots, such as Rylo.

Price List

Model Price
Sony HDR-CX405 HD Handycam Rs. 74,999
Sony HDR-CX405 HD Handycam Rs. 74,999
Honeywell Performance True Indoor Mini Dome Camer… Rs. 36,599
Bosch CCTV Infrared Imager Camera (EX30MNX8V0550B… Rs. 89,500
Swann 8 Channel 1080p DVR 1TB HDD & 4 1080p Outdo… Rs. 130,549
Vivotek 2MP Box Network Night Vision Camera With … Rs. 112,349
Swann 8 Channel 4MP NVR 2TB HDD & 4 4MP Bullet Ca… Rs. 122,799
Ezviz 4 Channel 720p DVR 1TB HDD & 4 720p Bullet … Rs. 72,199
Bosch AN 4000 WDR IR Outdoor Camera with 5-50mm L… Rs. 70,999
Blackmagic Video Assist Rs. 96,377
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