Voltage Converters Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Voltage Converters in Pakistan is Rs. 590 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,033.


Important for certain electronics, Voltage Converters help ensure that your machine gets the right amount of power to run. These converters also save your devices from burning out as the wrong voltage can do that to your device, especially if the voltage is higher than needed.


A Voltage Converter can help you get the right voltage for all kinds of equipment. Different devices have specific requirements for voltage, if you get it wrong the device could get damaged and burnt out, making it unusable.

This difference is especially obvious with devices made for the USA market versus the European market. The USA has 120V while Europe has 220V, if one was to use a 120V device in a 220V country it would get fried and stop working.

With a Voltage Converter, you can make sure you are able to use these devices in whatever country you are in. Some modern devices have chargers that can handle broader variations in voltage, but make sure you check that before you plug in your device and destroy it.

Price List

Model Price
4 Channel Voltage Converter 3.6-30V Optocoupler I… Rs. 590
Signal Isolation Conversion Module Voltage To Vol… Rs. 1,530
8 Channel Voltage Converter 3.6-30V Optocoupler I… Rs. 980
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