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The best price of Waffle Maker in Pakistan is Rs. 27,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 49,798.


A kitchen appliance that is used to make waffles, a kind of baked delicacy. Waffles are more often eaten for breakfast along with fruits, whipped cream and different kinds of sweet syrups. They are also eaten with icecream, adding a complex texture to the mix. Waffle makers are available in different shapes and sizes. This is generally a lower to mid-range appliance to purchase.


Waffles can be eaten with breakfast, as part of a dessert and also with savoury foods. The shape is tough to achieve which is why a waffle maker is needed.

Waffle maker

Also known as a waffle iron, the waffle maker has two sides to it which both have the indented mould and both get heated up. Once they are heated to a certain point one pours the waffle mix and shut the lid for a preset time. The waffle mix inflates and is heated on the outside till it becomes a nice golden brown.

Different waffle makers make a different thickness of waffle as there is no set standard of thickness. The models that make the common shape and thickness are labelled "classic" or "Belgian". 

Home waffle makers are often made from aluminium and have Teflon coating so the waffle does not stick to it, professional-grade waffle makers are made from cast iron. Waffle makers mostly work with the aid of electricity, the heating elements inside are powered by it. One can, however, find the older machine that needs to be held over a stove for the heat.


Due to the fact that the basic difference between a sandwich maker and a waffle maker is the plates inside, some sandwich makers also have waffle making plates that one can swap out with the sandwich making plates.

A waffle maker is available for lower-end rates, up to mid-range rates. A good investment if you want to make waffles easily for your breakfast or at any other time.

The known brands producing them include Black & Decker, Anex and Westpoint.

Price List

Model Price
Waffle Maker Bubble Shape Rs. 39,500
Waffle Maker Round Shape Single Rs. 45,000
Commercial Electric Lolly Waffle Maker – Waffle S… Rs. 45,000
Waffle Maker Gallon Shape Rs. 39,500
ALD Kitchen Stick Waffle Maker 110V 4 Stick Waffl… Rs. 43,000
Commercial 110v Electric Nonstick Ice Cream Waffl… Rs. 27,500
Ice Cream Cone Waffle Maker 1200W Electric Ice Cr… Rs. 44,200
ALD Kitchen Corn Dog Waffle Maker Rs. 45,500
Waffle Maker Tree Shape Rs. 59,500
Waffle Maker Cone Shape Double Rs. 69,500
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