Wahl Hair Trimmer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Wahl Hair Trimmer in Pakistan is Rs. 3,249 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,810.


One of the original trimmer brands, Wahl has a few different models one can choose from. Each has its own set of accessories that can help one in their cutting process. The price of Wahl hair trimmers is in a competitive range.


Wahl Clipper Corporation

A brand that was created due to Leo J. Wahl's electromagnetic trimmer, although the vibrating mechanism was originally used for a massager. This design was a lot more efficient than the hand-operated trimmer. With the increased speed, the cutting was consistent and hair could be moulded a lot better. Wahl produces many different kinds of trimmers today, including trimmers for beards, moustaches, ear, nose and brows.

Wahl's also produced the first battery operated trimmer and the first vacuuming trimmer which sucked up the hair it cut, making for an even more convenient tool.  

The Wahl hair trimmer

A hair trimmer makes it a lot easier to groom ones look, whether you want to neaten your beard, get rid of your stubble or have someone cut your hair to a buzz cut. The chances of getting cut by a trimmer are a lot less too in comparison to a razor that one could use for their stubble.

A trimmer also saves one trips to the barber, anyone at home could neaten up the edges of your hair from the back.


Wahl has a few different kinds of hair trimmers. They still make the corded trimmers you see in the barbershop. Their trimmers come with various attachments that let you cut off certain lengths. There are also trimmers that come with multiple cutting heads that are area-specific, for instance, one is for the nose while another is for the ear.

The price of Wahl hair trimmers if from the lower to mid ranges, making for affordable devices.

Price List

Model Price
Wahl Ear, Nose, & Brow Battery Trimmer Rs. 7,549
Wahl PowerPro Corded Hair Clipper / Trimmer Rs. 10,249
Wahl Beard Trimmer Gray (5537-420) Rs. 5,200
Wahl Bump Prevent Battery Trimmer Kit Rs. 4,499
Wahl Beard Cord / Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer Rs. 8,749
Wahl Aqua Blade Trimmer Black (9899) Rs. 10,249
Wahl Micro GroomsMan Lithium Detail Trimmer Rs. 7,549
Wahl Home Pro 300 Trimmer Rs. 11,999
Wahl Beard Battery Trimmer Kit Rs. 8,399
Wahl T-Pro Trimmer Rs. 4,999
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