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A walk through gate is a multi-purpose detector for security, health and crowd control electronic device used in multiple entry spaces. They are traditionally designed to detect metal to protect public or crowded spaces from any violent attacks.


Functionality & Design

The metal structure is shaped like a narrow doorway that only allows one person to enter through it at a time. This ensures that security personnel are able to carefully check people for weapon screening at places such as airports, shopping malls, train and bus stations, offices and schools. 

The government can sanction walk through gate security on every public gathering site such as federal and provincial buildings, police stations, prisons, military installations and many other official agencies to protect their staff and officers. 

It can help control access into private or guest only conferences, schools, colleges, stadiums and concerts making it easy to check documents and tickets of anyone wanting to gain entrance to the event. In order to protect businesses and shops from any theft, walkthrough gates are placed on every clothing store entry and exit. 


There are light indicators and sound alarms on an advanced walk through gate models that automatically trigger once they intercept a signal disruption. They are designed to be hypersensitive and close range for precise examination so much so that they can even pick up a small piece of metal on anyone passing through the gate.

Walk through gates also have features such as data recording for how many persons are being allowed into a space making it easy for organisers to control access into a building or event. The infrared setting has strong omission proof and anti-interfering capacity making it more reliable than only video surveillance. These are not easy to hack and disarm making them an essential part of security systems at banks and high-profile buildings. 


They are safe to pass through with a pacemaker, during pregnancy and will not damage any magnetic storage media. These structures are powered with AC 220V and are waterproof making them durable and long-lasting even when placed outside in the open. 


They use an integrated key panel for operation making it safe and protected from being tampered or damaged. The multiple network ports make it compatible with all third party devices. There is an external control alarm device port in case it needs to be manically turned off. The password protection function makes it easy to manage and customise according to the environment. There are 50 alternative operating frequencies in order to create the perfect security entry access and there is also an alarm sound mute mode setting that helps customise the gate. 

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