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The best price of Walls Ice Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 895 and estimated average price is Rs. 895.


Storing ice cream has become a very important part of household grocery. Having a simple ice Lolli, ice cream on a stick or tub can be a regular source of delight after dinner for the whole family.


Pakistan's Favourite Ice Cream Brand

Walls Ice Cream came to Pakistan in 1996 and has over the decades dominated the local market all over the country. They have a wide price range and various packaging sizes in creamy luxurious desserts. Ice cream can be served to guests on a special occasion, it is a fun treat and can be eaten at any given time of the day. The love for ice cream is shared by both children and adults. Families enjoy having ice creams on trips to the park and outings as it is easy to have on the go and is available at almost every grocery shop. 

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Walls has a roster of over 50 different kinds of ice creams. Favourites include the Classic Cornetto, Magnum and Carte Dor which are the premium flavours of Walls. For kids, there are Jet Sport, Paddle Pop and Choco Bar that are low on calories and easy to have as they are on a stick. For desi flavour and local traditional richness, there is Badaami which is similar to the common Kulfi taste.

For larger servings and parties of more than 6 the litre, tubs are essential with flavours such as Almond Praline and Swiss Delight, Chocolate, Strawberry and Mango, These are called Creamy Delights range that is designed to be smooth and rich paired with fruit as a wholesome dessert. Walls started a 2 in 1 range that offered Chocolate and Caramel Crunch in one tub making it easy to have a variety for serving of 4 to 8 people. There is a Gold Series that caters to adult tastes along with a fusion Badami Tub that comes with Badami Strawberry released in 2012.

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Ice Cream Stylish Acrylic Double Wall Tumbler Cup… Rs. 895
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