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The best price of Water Gun in Pakistan is Rs. 349 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,794.


One of the most loved toys in the world is the water gun toy. Made by many different brands, this toy has all kinds of designs. Between the different models, the amount of pressure they can generate also varies. Kids love them and it is a great toy for the outside during the summer.


A near-standard kind of toy that can be bought all over the world is the Water Gun Toy. One can fill it up with water and then press the trigger to shoot squirts of water. There are all kinds of designs, from versions that look alien in design to shapes that are very much like revolvers or pistols.

There are all kinds of brands, with the most famous one being the Super Soaker line. This is a more high-end option that has a pump to let you build up pressure so the water squirts have more reach.

Generally, Water Gun Toys are made from plastic and have a small opening that can be used to fill the water after which the cover can be put back on or in so the water is sealed inside.

One can also find Water Gun Toys in all kinds of sizes, from small ones to large ones that need two hands to be used. Kids mostly play with Water Gun Toys outside in the summer and have water fights.

Price List

Model Price
Bubble Gun Machine - 8 Hole massive Bubble Gun Ga… Rs. 540
Bubble Gun Machine - 8 Hole massive Bubble Gun Ga… Rs. 540
Backpack Water Gun(Whale) Rs. 1,600
Water Blaster High Pressure Gun For Kids Rs. 2,495
Pressure Water Gun Rs. 850
Super Blaster Water Gun Soaker - TR-0368 Rs. 350
Planet X Avengers Water & Nerf Gun (PX-9481) Rs. 1,750
Summer Super Water Gun Rs. 2,295
M Toys Eva & Water Absorbent Bullets Gun For Kids Rs. 5,100
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