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The best price of Weight Gainer in Pakistan is Rs. 1,750 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,136.


Weight gainers contain a blend of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals that help boost fitness in adult men and woman.


Weight gainers are high calorie supplements that help underweight individuals gain weight faster. Ingredient compositions can vary greatly between weight gainers from different manufacturers. Always read the nutritional information on the pack to understand if the weight gainer is right for your requirements and exercise program. Weight gainers differ from mass gainers in the amount of protein and carbohydrates they contain. Mass gainers are targeted more towards muscle gain, hence contain more protein and less carbohydrates compared to weight gainers. Compare weight gainer prices in Pakistan from prominent international brands on Shopsy.pk and save money on your online shopping.

Price List

Model Price
GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer - 15LBS Rs. 12,400
Weider Weight Gainer in Pakistan Rs. 3,600
Russian Bear Nutrition Weight Gainer 2.20 Lbs Cho… Rs. 2,199
Russian Bear Nutrition Weight Gainer Chocolate Rs. 4,800
Gain Fast Weight Gainer Protein Supplement - 2lb Rs. 3,800
Russian Bear Weight Gainer Supplement - 2lb Rs. 4,800
Azad Gift Shop Natural Herbal Iron Man Perfect Fa… Rs. 4,999
Russian Bear Nutrition Weight Gainer 2.20 Lbs Van… Rs. 1,750
High Protein weight gain formula Serious Mass 2 l… Rs. 4,000
MusclePharm Arnold Weight Gainer Iron Mass - 1kg Rs. 4,800
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