Westpoint Air Fryer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Westpoint Air Fryer in Pakistan is Rs. 15,480 and estimated average price is Rs. 23,666.


Healthy living includes eating low fat and nutritious foods that improve your cardiovascular system, heart and metabolism. Purchasing a Westpoint air fryer will help eliminate oily and greasy foods from your diet as it uses convection cooking also called fan oven technology that rapidly cooks food through hot air circulation.


The Westpoint Air Fryer models WF-5255 and WF-5256 have the same key features which include the Fan Oven cooking settings controlled with two knobs, a food tray that holds the raw items and a cable that connects the machine to the electricity source. The air fryer uses only a teaspoon of oil that coats the food items inside the tray instead of regular cooking that required a cup of oil to deep fry foods. There is an inbuilt filter that removes any smoke from inside the tray ensuring the taste is preserved of the food during the cooking process. The tray or food drawers has a non-stick coating that retains heat well and does not damage the food.

The intelligence cooking settings include protection from over-heating the food and automatic shutting down when the food tray is ejected from the machine. The outer shell of the air fryers remains cool to touch making it safe to handle even when it is cooking the food. The machine is super easy to clean and maintain as the food tray is compact and removable. The food prepared in the air fryer will have a crispy and soft result especially for chicken and french fries. It is a great kitchen assistant that does not make any mess or splatter simply place the uncooked food items into the tray and set the temperature of the timer according to your personal preferences.

Price List

Model Price
WestPoint Air Fryer WF5254 Rs. 27,400
WestPoint WF-5258 Oven Toaster with Air Fryer Rs. 33,400
Westpoint Air Fryer Model – WF-5256 Rs. 20,142
Westpoint WF-5256 Deluxe Air Fryer Rs. 18,150
Westpoint WF-5257 Deluxe Air Fryer Rs. 22,330
Westpoint WF-5254 Deluxe Air Fryer Rs. 20,142
Westpoint Deluxe Air Fryer WF-5255 Black Rs. 21,300
WestPoint Air Fryer Model No. 5255 Rs. 21,500
WESTPOINT Power Air Fryer Oven WF-5258 Rs. 27,200
Westpoint WF-5254 Deluxe Air Fryer Rs. 20,880
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