Westpoint Air Purifier Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Westpoint Air Purifier in Pakistan is Rs. 5,328 and estimated average price is Rs. 21,540.


A great way to make sure you are breathing cleaner air within your indoor spaces is to have an air purifier. One can get a Westpoint air purifier for this purpose. The price is in the mid range.

Pros & Cons


  • Cleaner air to breathe


The air quality is generally very bad in most cities today, having a Westpoint air purifier would help you breathe cleaner air. This is also useful for people who have allergies from dust and pollen.

The Westpoint air purifier comes with an active carbon filter that helps and the brand claims to have a cleanable HEPA filter. These combined get a lot of the pollutants out of the air. There is a filter update reminder as well so one knows when to clean or replace.

The Westpoint air purifier also has different speeds so one can choose based on their needs. A sleep timer is also built-in and there is a sensor that shuts off when the front door opens.

The price of this air purifier is in a middle bracket.

Price List

Model Price
Westpoint Ultrasonic Room Humidifier WF-1202 Rs. 10,000
WestPoint WF-1101 Air Purifier Rs. 23,499
Westpoint Air Purifier (WF-1101) Rs. 32,877
WESTPOINT Air Purifier WF-1101 Rs. 27,000
Westpoint Water Purifier (WF-714) Rs. 5,328
West Point Air Purifier WF-1101 Rs. 30,540
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