Westpoint Deluxe Rice Cooker Price in Pakistan

Compare 18 prices from 9 stores. The best price of Westpoint Deluxe Rice Cooker in Pakistan is Rs. 13,890 and the estimated average price is Rs. 21,478.17.


You can use the Westpoint Deluxe Rice Cooker to make white rice with ease. An easy-to-use rice cooker that gets the rice right each time. The Westpoint options also have a keep warm function that makes serving rice easier as well.


Westpoint Deluxe Rice Cookers are simple in function. There are markers for rice and water quantities, making it very easy to use.

If you regularly make white rice a rice cooker makes it a lot easier to cook them and get them right. There is also a warm mode, this lets you keep your rice warm once it is done; a great way to have your rice ready to serve whenever needed.

The Westpoint Deluxe Rice Cooker has lids that lock in place so they are secure. The designs are as simple as can be, with just functionality at the core.

One can get the Westpoint Deluxe Rice Cooker in different colours, the choice is up to them based on what their kitchen looks like.

Price List

Model Price
West Point WF-152 Deluxe Ceramic Cooker Rs. 13,890
West Point Rotisserie Oven Wf1800R Rs. 13,900
Westpoint WF-6514 Deluxe Roti Maker Rs. 14,089
West point Wf-5350-5450 Rice cooker (steel type) Rs. 14,611
WESTPOINT Rice Cooker WF-5450 Rs. 14,999
Westpoint Deluxe Ceramic Cooker WF-141 Rs. 15,499
Westpoint Deluxe Food Processor (WF-4806) Rs. 16,244
West Point Rotisserie Oven - WF2610RK Rs. 16,600
Westpoint Deluxe Food Processor WF-4806 Rs. 18,170
Westpoint 142 Deluxe Induction Cooker Rs. 19,635
Hassan Gilani
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Compare 18 prices from 9 stores.

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Rs. 13890 - Rs. 41000