Westpoint Heater Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Westpoint Heater in Pakistan is Rs. 5,200 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,734.


Westpoint heater series includes compact and lightweight designs that can quickly warm a small space and improve living conditions. These heaters are affordable and run on electricity entirely, helping you skip gas installation hassle.


Basic Fan Heater

The most affordable Westpoint Heater models are compact and lightweight running on a 1000W - 2000W voltage ideal for placing under your desk, dining table, bathroom or near the bed making it easy to quickly heat a small space. These heaters can provide much-needed relief to the hands and feet from the cold weather. The fan setting has Cool, Warm and Hot settings that make it multipurpose and able to provide relief all year round.

Improved Design

The changes in the upgraded fan heater are the addition of a PTC Ceramic heating element called Positive Temperature Coefficient that ensures heating is adjusted according to the environment. There is a thermal protection guard that prevents children from harming themselves by touching the heater. The automatic shutdown system can prevent the heater from overheating or malfunctioning during a voltage fluctuation.

Halogen Heater 

The standing heater can replace regular gas heaters as it has a wide area emitting heat using multiple halogen lamps. The halogen heater is a safer and effective option for those who want to remove gas heating as that can result in fatal accidents and leakages. The pedestal heater format is convenient as you simply have to plug it into the main electrical supply, heat settings are starting from low, medium and high can be controlled using a remote. The oscillation settings ensure that the entire room received equal heating making it able to warm up a large bedroom quickly and consistently. The standing pedestal fan heater is shaped like a satellite dish with a reflective umbrella screen that emits heat into the room. The pedestal's height can be adjusted making it easy to warm the face and hands while sitting down.

Price List

Model Price
WestPoint Fan Heater WF5146 Rs. 6,800
WestPoint Heater WF5145 Rs. 6,800
WestPoint Fan Heater (WF-5144) Rs. 6,800
WF-5147 Westpoint Fan Heater (1000-2000W) Black &… Rs. 7,900
Westpoint - Halogen Heater - 5308 (SNS) Rs. 6,499
Westpoint WF-5142 Fan Heater Rs. 6,940
Westpoint Fan Heater (WF-5147) - ISPK-008 Rs. 8,409
Westpoint Fan Heater (WF-5143) Rs. 6,240
Westpoint - Fan Heater - 5144 (SNS) Rs. 5,999
Westpoint WF-5308 Halogen Heater Rs. 7,200
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