Westpoint Hot Plate Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Westpoint Hot Plate in Pakistan is Rs. 3,978 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,435.


The Westpoint Hot Plate can be used to keep your food warm, cook it or heat it up. A great appliance if you have guests coming and have multiple dishes ready that you want to make sure stay hot.


A Westpoint Hot Plate can be used for a few different things. It is similar to an electric stove, it can be used to cook food. Methos such as braising can be managed very well on this hot plate.

If you have food you want to keep warm during a dinner for guests, the Westpoint Hot Plate can be set on low and it will make sure the food is hot. There are knobs for easy temperature control and the feet are rubber so there are lesser chances of slipping.

The Westpoint Hot Plate works especially well for foods that would cool down and congeal. Westpoint Hot Plates have overheat protection so things don't get ruined. One should be careful not to touch the plates when they are on as they will be very hot.

Westpoint has an option which has just one plate and another which has two plates, one can choose based on they regular needs.

Price List

Model Price
Westpoint 271 Deluxe Hot Plate Rs. 7,280
Westpoint WF-272 Double Hot Plate Rs. 10,200
West Point Deluxe Hot Plate, WF-261 Rs. 7,400
Westpoint Hot Plate WF-281 Rs. 8,600
West Point Deluxe Hot Plate, WF-282 Rs. 10,800
Westpoint Deluxe Hot Plate WF-271 Rs. 8,600
West Point Deluxe Hot Plate, Electric Cooktop, WF… Rs. 7,400
WESTPOINT Hot Plate WF-262 Rs. 10,500
WESTPOINT Hot Plate WF-271 Rs. 7,000
Westpoint WF-272 Hot plate double Rs. 9,338
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