Westpoint Oven Toaster Price in Pakistan

Compare 20 prices from 6 stores. The best price of Westpoint Oven Toaster in Pakistan is Rs. 15,500 and the estimated average price is Rs. 28,211.


The fast and effective technology of using Convection which is a close to large gas ovens is an essential feature of the Westpoint Oven Toaster making it perfect for small kitchens. The Westpoint oven toaster price in Pakistan can be searched online on Shopsy, showing sale and discount prices on select products.


The convection setting is designed to act like an electric oven that allows the user to set the temperature and time duration acting like an oven. It is ideal for quick baking and reheating snacks that would lose their flavour if microwaved or toasted. Toasting can be too high a heat for some foods and is usually only suited for bread and bans. The oven toaster takes up less space in the kitchen as it is multipurpose and large enough to cook for the whole family. 

Deluxe Westpoint Oven Toaster 

The Deluxe Grilling Oven Toaster by Westpoint combines the features of heating, baking and grilling so that users are able to prepare Rotisserie chicken and grill Kebabs in one appliance. It also has a special edition of two Hot Plates that act like stove tops placed over the toaster. This toaster plus hot plate item has the capacity of 10 Liters and operates on a power voltage of 800 Watts.

Combination Cooking Modes 

Westpoint calls their Oven Toasters the King of all three cooking styles including Roasting, Baking and Grilling. The Deluxe Convection Rotisserie Oven with Kebab Grill has the model number of WF4500RKC and is sold at an affordable price point. With this product a whole chicken can be prepared that can serve up to 4 to 6 people. It is easy to BBQ beef Kebabs and all kinds of Hot-Dogs to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner. It operates on a power of 1380 Watts with 220V ~ 240V and 50/60Hz. Westpoint microwave is similar to the oven toaster and offers the same stylish design and display features. 

Price List

Model Price
Westpoint Oven Toaster & Rotisserie WF-1800R Rs. 15,500
Westpoint 4200-RKF Oven Toaster 42 Ltr with Grill Rs. 19,402
Westpoint 1800R Oven Toaster 18Ltr Rs. 19,658
Westpoint 2310 Rotisserie Oven Toaster 24 Ltr Rs. 20,996
Westpoint 2400 Oven Toaster With Hot Plate 24Ltr Rs. 21,526
Westpoint 2610 Oven Toaster 27 Ltr Rs. 23,909
WestPoint Rotisserie Oven Toaster 30 Liters WF-28… Rs. 24,100
Westpoint 2800R Rotisserie Oven Toaster 30 Ltr Rs. 24,715
Westpoint 4700 Oven Toaster 55Ltr Rs. 27,372
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Compare 20 prices from 6 stores.

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