Westpoint Sandwich Maker Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Westpoint Sandwich Maker in Pakistan is Rs. 2,560 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,937.


Westpoint produces a lot of electronics for everyday usage, among these one can also find sandwich makers. A very convenient snack machine that can be a great accessory to have in your kitchen. Some can also be used as a waffle machine or a panini grill. The price of a Westpoint sandwich maker is in a very affordable range for the most part.


A sandwich maker can make it very easy for you to prepare snacks for kids or a snack for you to take along to work. Westpoint is one of the many brands that produce sandwich makers. There are a lot of options, with only slight differences in function and maybe more differences in design. Some models have a different Wattage.

If you have a Westpoint sandwich maker you can easily insert a sandwich into it, set the timer and get other smaller tasks done. The plates inside are non-stick so your sandwich doesn't become difficult to take out. The basic plates are the kind that cut the sandwich into two triangles. With some, there are extra plates to make waffles or a grill plate that can make a panini.

The outside of your sandwich will be nice and crunchy and the ingredients inside will mesh together. 

Westpoint sandwich makers are designed to be cool to the touch from the outside, so in case you grab it you do not burn your hand. The design also allows for upright storage so it takes up less space in the kitchen.

The price of sandwich makers from Westpoint is very affordable.

Price List

Model Price
WestPoint Sandwich Maker WF6697 Rs. 7,400
WestPoint Sandwich Maker WF6293 Rs. 9,600
WestPoint Sandwich Toaster WF-682 Rs. 3,976
Westpoint WP-640 2 Slice Sandwich Maker Rs. 4,073
Westpoint WF-6686 Sandwich Maker Rs. 5,280
West Point Deluxe Sandwich Toaster, White WF-640 Rs. 4,200
WESTPOINT Sandwich Toaster WF-694 Rs. 4,250
Westpoint WF-620 Sandwich Maker Rs. 4,500
Westpoint WF-682 Sandwich Maker Rs. 4,500
Westpoint WP-620 2 Slice Sandwich Maker Rs. 3,975
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