Westpoint Vacuum Cleaner Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Westpoint Vacuum Cleaner in Pakistan is Rs. 9,299 and estimated average price is Rs. 18,724.


Westpoint offers affordable home and kitchen appliances to Pakistani customers online. They have a variety of vacuum cleaners in compact to large sizes that can clean homes and offices without straining the body. Their design is meant to be used standing up saving time and effort ensuring the floors are dust and dirt free.


Product Range

The larger capacity vacuum cleaner products have 21 to 25-litre large container built with a durable Steel case or shell that ensures it does not break if bumping into furniture or doors. The ignition is a simple on and off button with an automatic safety off feature that indicates when the inner dust chamber is full. It is low in noise which ensures the family or office will not be too disturbed when cleaning. 

The important feature is the strong suction mechanism that ensures all dust, hair and dirt particles are effectively removed from the floor. It can also be used to clean carpets as it has strong bristles on the head. There are high-quality wheels added to the bottom of the main body holding the dust container that make it easy to clean large floors without getting tired. The cord rewind groove ensures that it does not tangle when storing and it easy to unwind every time it is needed to clean. The 5-meter power supply cord can cover two large rooms easily without changing power sockets. 

The Deluxe Multi Cyclone is a powerful vacuum cleaner with the model number WF238. It has upgraded features such as an auto cord winder, variable speed selection and a HEPA filter outlet. The cyclonic technology is based on using sections at such a force that it effective cleans both hard and carpeted floors. It has a more compact design that uses the movement called swivel that makes it easy to reach tough spots in the room. It has multi-level filtration using the HEAP filter element paired with a cotton filter that ensures 99.97% of airborne particles are not released back into the room while cleaning. 

Price List

Model Price
Westpoint Drum Vacuum Cleaner WF-970 Rs. 21,600
WestPoint Vacuum Cleaner WF102 Rs. 26,400
WestPoint Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner WF3602 Rs. 17,600
WestPoint Vacuum Cleaner Model No. 104 Rs. 19,400
Westpoint WF-3601 Vacuum Cleaner Rs. 17,040
WestPoint Vacuum Cleaner Model No. 103 Rs. 19,400
Westpoint - Vaccum Cleaner Drum Type Dy with Blow… Rs. 19,799
WESTPOINT Vacuum Cleaner WF-970 Rs. 17,600
WESTPOINT Vacuum Cleaner WF-3601 Rs. 14,200
Westpoint WF-245 – Capsule Type Vacuum Cleaner – … Rs. 20,142
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