Wheelchair Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Wheelchair in Pakistan is Rs. 23,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 87,488.


The wheelchair can simply be described as a large seat with two strong and durable wheels on each side to provide mobility to those who can not walk. Wheelchairs are ergonomically designed with corrugated grips on the handles and brakes ensuring it can be controlled easily by the attendant. There are seat belts and dual breaks ensuring the patient will be safely moved regardless of the incline.



They have been used for hundreds of years all over the world. The mechanism was kept simple in order for it be easily manufactured and affordable usually provided to hospitals and medical camps treating the sick and elderly. Now the wheelchair has been upgraded to high tech motorised electric versions with various customizable features of speed, height and seat adjustments that make it completely self-sufficient in providing mobility to all kinds of people. 

Design & Operation

The traditional wheelchair seen in Pakistan has a folding feature that makes it easy to store and carry along with the patient. It has fixed armrests with padding providing extra comfort for continuous sitting and an adjustable footrest with hinges that can be removed for the patient as they settle into the wheelchair. The freedom and flexibility a wheelchair is invaluable as it is transportable and easy to clean. 

Seat Size

With different chrome-plated or stainless steel frames, the wheelchair will have durability and strength keeping it from getting damaged over time. The seat size is available in 16 and 18 inches with a capacity to carry a max load of 100 kgs. 


The wheelchair is roughly 14 to 18 kgs in weight depending on the material used to construct it. Its durability provides reliable weight-bearing mechanism essential for the patient to feel confident and safe. The overall dimension of a wheelchair will be 35" (H) X 18" (W) X 27" (D) making it important to know the size of the doors and passageways of the building before purchasing online. 

There are lightweight versions of the wheelchair that are 8kg can carry a maximum load of 80 kgs. Also available online are foldable reclining commode wheelchairs that can easily be transformed into a bed accommodating patients in a variety of situations.

Push Wheel  

Some wheelchairs will need an attendant to be pushed others will have a self-propelling mechanism where the patient can push forwards on the wheels to generate forward or backward motion. Their tyres will measure at 24 inches dia with the same sized spokes rim to ensure the wheels are weight-bearing and flexible. The front Castor will be 8 inches dia to provide extra support to the wheels.

Assistance & Healthcare

Health care is expensive in Pakistan and hiring full-time attendant can be near impossible for the majority of the socio-economic classes of the country. In situations where the family is taking care of the patient or the elderly, a wheelchair will be immensely helpful in giving safe mobility and freedom to experience life outside the home. Available online in Pakistan for a price range that is an affordable and long-lasting investment.  

Price List

Model Price
Lifecare Enterprises foldable Standard Steel pot… Rs. 23,000
ADAM GetOn A2 Foldable Motorized Wheelchair Rs. 85,000
Wheel Chair Electric KY-140LA-A 1s Rs. 181,500
electric Wheelchair with battery Rs. 108,000
Lifecare Enterprises foldable Standard Steel pot… Rs. 23,000
Wheel Chair Aluminium KY 952LQC-46 China 1s Rs. 33,000
ADAM GetOn A1 Motorized Wheelchair Rs. 150,000
Wheel Chair C.P Adult & Child KY-958LC-46 / 36 1s Rs. 40,150
Breifcase Freedom Lightwieght Wheel Chair 26 kg. Rs. 150,000
Wheel Chair X-Large KY-951AC-56 1s Rs. 25,850
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