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The best price of White Board in Pakistan is Rs. 80 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,144.


Instead of wasting paper, a whiteboard is a much more economical and eco-friendly option. They are an evolved version of the blackboard and a fun learning and entertainment tool to have around, especially when you have kids at home. Check out white board prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


One can use a whiteboard over and over as all scribblings and drawings can be wiped off in a swipe with a good quality whiteboard duster. This makes these boards extremely economical as compared to paper and they also help eliminate paper clutter. 

Whiteboard for Kids

These are lightweight boards in different shapes and sizes either on a tri-legged stand or handheld and usually made out of high-quality glossy white plastic. Whiteboards can be used for writing, solving math problems and drawing. The magnetic variety can be used for learning with magnetic alphabet and toys such as fruits, shapes and puzzles. The surface is usually glossy so one can easily write with a temporary ink marker and then erase with a duster. There are also packs of coloured markers available that can be used on whiteboards for lots of drawing and colouring fun. 

White Board for Presentation & Teaching

The larger variety for adults is excellent for offices, schools and universities as a great learning and presentation tool. They can be installed on stands or mounted on the wall depending on the size and requirements. These boards are engaging and are great for collaborating, planning and designing products with your team. Other than offices, whiteboards are common in schools, colleges and universities as an everyday teaching and presenting tool. 

The standard whiteboard marker colours for offices and formal settings are blue, black, red and green. The prices for kids white board are nominal depending on the material, size and brand while the larger ones are priced in the mid-range.

Price List

Model Price
Dora Black & White Board - Yellow Rs. 250
White Board with Black Board Two in 1 for Kids wi… Rs. 129
Black & White Chess Size: 16 inches Rs. 6,450
Black & White Chess Size: 16 inches Rs. 6,450
BLACK AND WHITE BOARD (19 X 30) Rs. 1,675
Writing And Drawing Board With Stamps And Pen Mag… Rs. 449
ABC Kids Double side Wooden White and Black Board Rs. 895
Double Sided Stand Drawing Board Whiteboard Black… Rs. 7,700
1ft x 2ft Dry Erase Hanging White Board Rs. 870
Carrom Board Pieces - Coins - Goti - Set of 19 Pi… Rs. 600
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