Wifi Dongle Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Wifi Dongle in Pakistan is Rs. 449 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,672.


WiFi Dongle technology can be used to transmit signals without needing complicated wiring or extra cables eliminating the need for Ethernet or HDMI cables replacing them with a USB stick port that is a complete plug and play device. The WiFi Dongle is a portable, compact and lightweight solution to connect to high-speed internet anywhere and anytime.


With a WiFi Dongle users will be able to carry their safe and secure internet connection anywhere and be able to access it from their laptops, smartphones and tablets. Carrying the device is no hassle as it is only a small pocket-sized USB stick that automatically connects to your internet almost anywhere, depending on the connection it will even be able to connect internationally while you are travelling. Popularly used by executives travelling constantly for work trips as a quick and easy way to keep working on the go.

The WiFi display dongle is an easy way to connect your laptop or TV to other devices, by simply plugging it into the HDMI port you can connect your gaming console or PC directly to your TV making it super convenient to set up your home entertainment unit. The WiFi dongle is great for never missing an important email, meeting or business dealings as it can be great for completing any work-related emergencies that require internet access. 

Price List

Model Price
Mirascreen G9 Plus 2.4g 1080p Wireless HDMI Wifi … Rs. 3,499
Mirascreen G9 Plus 2.4g 1080p Wireless HDMI Wifi … Rs. 3,499
ALFA Mini Wifi Adapter / Wifi Dongle 802.11n WiFi… Rs. 600
HDMI wifi Dongle MeLe S3 Rs. 3,603
Any Cast M9 Plus 2Core 1080P HDMI WIFI Display TV… Rs. 1,300
Mirascreen G9 Plus 2.4g 1080p Wireless HDMI Wifi … Rs. 3,499
Attari HDMI Wifi Dongle Full HD - White (AC-0036) Rs. 4,880
Ferozi Traders 1080p HDMI WiFi Dongle Rs. 1,750
Hdmi 1*2 Splitter - Black Rs. 1,208
LapTab AnyCast Wifi Dongle Black Rs. 2,200
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