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The best price of Ip Camera in Pakistan is Rs. 6,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 81,045.


Network camera or WIFI and IP camera is a digitized and networked variant of the analog closed-circuit television (CCTV). WIFI and IP cameras are networked digital video cameras that are used for IP surveillance and can transmit data over a Fast Ethernet link. They are available at reasonable prices in Pakistan and are becoming increasingly popular. Check out WIFI & IP camera prices in Pakistan and read on to know more about them.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to setup

  • No cable clutter

  • Cheap alternative to security guards


  • Limited placement options

  • Buildings and trees can impede the signal


Purpose & Uses

The primary purpose of a WIFI and IP camera is surveillance of property be it home, office or business but they are also widely used for monitoring things such as a baby’s room while he is sleeping or playing there alone, monitoring pets or live broadcast of local weather. You can also adjust frame rates and resolution on your IP & WIFI camera to meet specific requirements.

Remote Access & Control

As opposed to the traditional analog CCTV cameras, the WiFi & IP cameras can be accessed and operated remotely from any location, also come with digital zoom and are capable of streaming real-time motion video. Even the most basic WIFI and IP cameras are equipped with encrypted data transmission and can be remotely controlled.

Replacing Watchmen & Security Guards

WIFI and IP cameras are increasingly replacing watchmen and security guards, hence cutting down on a lot of costs that were involved in hiring them. Some WIFI and IP cameras require a central network video recorder (NVR) to support the recording, video and alarm management. while the more sophisticated and intelligent WIFI and IP cameras are capable of recording directly to any local or remote storage media, hence operating in a decentralized manner without requiring an NVR. 

Data Transfer

These cameras are connected to the internet and are capable of easily sending images and video anywhere over an internet connection.

Progressive Scanning

IP cameras are capable of capturing moving targets in high-quality videos because of their progressive scanning capabilities, hence allowing for great quality images extracted from the video.


The cameras offer a convenient two-way communication between the camera and the receiver that allows for receiving audio and video signals for even better surveillance.

Setting Up

Setting up IP cameras is pretty easy too as you won't need much cabling as with the traditional CCTV cameras, avoiding cable clutter and high installation costs. 


WiFi & IP cameras are capable of sending alerts to the user's smartphone as soon as they detect suspicious activity, making for excellent and efficient surveillance devices. 

Analytical Software

These cameras also support Intelligent Video. It is a combination of digital video technology and analytical software. The combination is capable of tracking a moving object, searching for a target, counting instances of an occurrence such as the number of cars entering a building, detecting the geographic location of the subject. This triggers alarms and alerts as soon as there is a suspicious activity. 

Price List

Model Price
Bosch FLEXIDOME IP Indoor 5000 HD IR Camera With … Rs. 93,749
Bosch FlexiDomeHD 720p IP Dome Camera (NDN-921V03… Rs. 86,900
Bosch MicroBox 2000 Indoor IP Camera (NPC-20012-F… Rs. 51,199
Vivotek 2MP Outdoor IP Camera with PoE Extender (… Rs. 82,049
4 UHD IP Cameras Package (DAHUA) Rs. 59,400
Bosch FLEXIDOME 5000 HD 5MP IP Camera with 3-10mm… Rs. 100,549
TruVision Vandal IP Dome Camera (TVD-N210W-4-P) Rs. 34,550
8 UHD IP Cameras Package (DAHUA) Rs. 108,000
Bosch TINYON IP 2000 MicroBox Camera Black (NPC-2… Rs. 52,449
Bosch Flexidome Starlight VR 720P60 IP Camera (NI… Rs. 111,049
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