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Blinds are not only used for windows in the bedroom but also to cover balcony entrances, windows next to the main door, office windows and as a separation wall to divide room space. They can also be customised to fit bathroom windows that can greatly transform the bathroom into a stylised space in the house, office or restaurant.


Interior Design

The perfect indoor space has a good balance of natural light from windows facing the rising or setting sun to light the room without electrical lights. For night time, these windows need traditional curtains or more modern blinds that have a multi-directional sliding as compared to regular curtains. Blind will be able to cover the entire window as they are made to measure and customisable to fit edge to edge of the window frame.

Easy to Clean 

Blinds also collect less dust and pollutants as compared to bulky curtains that have folds and folds of fabric falling from the top of the window to the floor-length. The modern designs for blinds include plastic and wood that are easy to maintain and clean regularly as compared to curtains.  

Material & Mechanism 

The plastic blinds commonly seen in offices and kitchens are an inexpensive and cost-effective solution. The high end and expensive blinds are wood and fabric-based designs that have delicate pull mechanism that must be handled with care to ensure they have a long-lasting life. They are still easy to wash and maintain as compared to traditional curtains. The pull mechanism can be both up to down and side to side depending on the customers own personal preference. The pull system is usually rope or thread-based that is woven along the seams of the blind to ensure it can be pulled upwards or sideways.  

Exterior Design  

There are also blinds available for the exterior of the house that is durable and weatherproof. These are more commonly known as "chikh" that is softwood that can be rolled up and tied with a string to provide extra coverage to the windows under direct sunlight. 

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