Wood Cutter Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Wood Cutter in Pakistan is Rs. 11,940 and estimated average price is Rs. 14,400.


A tool to cut wood faster, making ones work efficient. The wood cutter is a high power tool and has to be handled with care. Available from various brands, this is a tool that falls in the mid-price range.


Wood Cutter

A wood cutter is a tool that is designed to make cutting wood a simpler task through the application of electronics. There are versions that are shaped similar to a normal saw, while others are made with a round saw. The latter is also called a circular saw.

The size (circumference) of the saw affects the work as does the shape and angle of the cutting teeth.

Considerations when using a wood cutter

This is a high powered tool, it is not to be used when one is too tired, under the influence of a drug such as medicines that make one drowsy. One should wear all the needed protective gear before undertaking any task involving a wood cutter. Be mindful of your fingers.


One can find wood cutters from many brands, some of the known ones include Black & Dekker, Dongcheng, JASCO, Hyundai and Sencan.

The prices vary depending on the power and size. The power affects how easily a wood cutter can cut through thicker wood. One can choose a wood cutter based on their requirement and also the budget they have in mind. Generally, this is a mid price range tool.

Price List

Model Price
Total TS-3141102 Marble Cutter 1400W Rs. 13,310
Stanley STSP125W Marble Cutter 125mm 1320W Rs. 11,940
Makita M4100G Stone Cutter 1200W 110mm Rs. 13,800
1320W Tile and Wood Cutter Machine 125Mm/5Inch BP… Rs. 17,550
Dongcheng DZE05-110 Marble Cutter Rs. 15,400
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