Wooden Lamps Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Wooden Lamps in Pakistan is Rs. 650 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,030.


Lamps made out of wood hold a special place in decorating homes and offices. They instantly add a beautiful glow to the décor, enhancing the look and feel of the entire space. During the day, they are an attractive decoration and accessory piece that adds elegance and beauty to the setting. You can buy lamps made out of plain solid wood or opt for the ones that are intricately carved out and create a beautiful play of light on the wall. Check wooden lamps prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for suggestions on the best sellers in Pakistan. 


Best Wooden Lamps Brands in Pakistan

Ikea, Urban Galleria, Interwood, ChenOne, Fincera, Habitt, Wood Creations and Furniture Hub are some of the best brands that manufacture wooden lamps in Pakistan. You can buy products from these brands on our website at amazing discounts and sale prices.

Wooden Floor Lamps

In recent times, wooden floor lamps have found incredible popularity in Pakistan. Though floor lamps are available in brass and metal too, wood adds class and sophistication. It is also a non-conductor material making it safe for the electronic to be put on the floor. The modern floor lamps curated out of wood come in a plethora of options. From small corner lamps to tall and towering arc shaped lamps, they can be placed anywhere in the house or the hallway as the wooden base would match almost any décor. 

Wooden Wall Lamps

Wall fixtures and luminaires made out wood exude a vintage feel and look unique in the modern world. Wooden wall sconces or hanging bars from the ceiling with multiple light sources look stylish and artsy. Entryway, hallways or the entrance gate can have wall lamps with a combination of wood and glass for a sophisticated touch. 

Wooden Table Lamps

While glass, bone china and ceramic are traditionally used for curating table lamps, contemporary designs include wood, acrylic and metal with silk, linen or paper shades. Wooden table lamps give an ethnic touch to the setting and will never go out of fashion, just like wooden furniture.

For a traditional and sophisticated accent lighting, choose the Tiffany style stained glass shade with a wooden base table lamp. This may not be for every décor but definitely makes for a great accent lamp for your collectables.

Other excellent options for wooden table lamps are the Chiniot style carved lamps. They may or may not include a shade and can sometimes be shaped like Moroccan lanterns. Some articles feature unique shapes or contemporary designs combining modernity with traditional handicraft. 

More contemporary wooden lamp designs include eclectic shapes and designs that give a futuristic look to the setting. Urban Galleria and Glow Lights has a collection of modern wood lamps featuring cutwork, that are a perfect example of contemporary art meets functionality. 

Price List

Model Price
Wooden Lamp For Side Tables With Laser Cutting De… Rs. 1,500
Wall Mounted Wooden Lamp for Indoor Bedroom light… Rs. 2,000
Wooden table lamp Rs. 1,650
Crystal Rock Himalayan Salt Lamp Cube Shape with … Rs. 1,950
High Quality Wooden Floor Lamp Golden Silver Hang… Rs. 4,900
Small Wooden Lamp Rs. 3,200
Modern Wooden Floor Lamp Rs. 2,999
wooden Floor Lamp Rs. 3,400
Wooden table lamp Rs. 1,650
Nordic Style Wooden Table Lamp | Bedside Table La… Rs. 4,690
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