Woody Perfume Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Woody Perfume in Pakistan is Rs. 225 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,455.


Woody notes come from the oils that are obtained from things such as agarwood, sandalwood, guaiac wood, rosewood and more. Woody perfumes are generally warm and spicy with a more full scent profile, a feeling associated with oriental scents. The prices vary a lot based on what specific perfume you choose and from which brand.


A lot of people like woody perfumes, there are many choices from a lot of brands. On can choose based on the specific blend they like.

The different woody notes also have different feelings to them, some are dry like the Cyprus or others guaiac wood are balsamic and sweet with smoke to it. Yet other like the agarwood, famously known as oud is spicy and warm. Every perfume uses the kind that fits in and mixes with the other tones they have chosen, creating a unique scent that it is known for.

Sandalwood is often used, it is a sweeter option. While oak has an earthy nuance to it as does blackwood.

One can see what woody perfume would be along their choice by seeing what kind of notes it is home to. Sometimes brands are also known for what their feel would be; like Tom Ford is known for having a deeper kind of fragrance profile.

The price of a woody perfume would depend on exactly the kind you are choosing, Rasasi would be an affordable rate while Tome Ford would be expensive. 

Price List

Model Price
Woody Oudy Rs. 2,850
Woody Oudy Rs. 2,850
Woody Oudy Rs. 2,850
Woody Oud 6 Ml Roll On SURRATI Rs. 339
Rasasi Woody Men Perfume 60ml Rs. 3,800
Aventus Creed Les Royales Exclusives Spice and Wo… Rs. 11,490
Lattafa Musk Mood Perfume 100ML Rs. 3,330
Lattafa Oud Mood Perfume 100ml Rs. 3,330
Arabian Oud Woody Eau De Perfume For Men - 100ml Rs. 9,000
Impulse Instant Crush Body Fragrance 75ml Rs. 425
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