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The best price of Worcestershire Sauce in Pakistan is Rs. 0.90 and estimated average price is Rs. 431.


Worcestershire sauce is a well-known condiment that is used with a lot of different kinds of western foods. It is had with main courses, salads and is also used in some cocktails. It is a savoury sauce. Available for slightly more expensive rates when compared to other sauces.


Worcestershire Sauce

Among the regularly used sauces in western food, Worcestershire sauce is one of the more commonly known ones. Despite its fame, the pronunciation still eludes many people. This sauce was created by the chemists, John Wheeley Lea and William Henry Perrins; who made the brand Lea & Perrins which today is owned by the Kraft Heinz conglomerate. Worcestershire sauce has been around since 1838.

Worcestershire sauce is known as having a background flavour and as a source of umami; the fifth flavour assigned to savoury foods. It is added to many foods such as stew, Ceaser salad, had along with meats and is also found in certain cocktails.

Also a great sauce for meat marinades.


The origin of the sauce is said to have been in Bengal, where Lord Marcus Sandys of the East India Company had a fish sauce and later asked the leading apothecaries to recreate it. The initial recipe was too strong and considered inedible; it lay in storage for a few years where it had fermented and become more palatable.


Due to Worcestershire sauce containing anchovies, a type of fish, it is avoided by vegetarians.

Today other brands also produce sauces that are sold under the Worcestershire label, as Lea & Perrins do not own the trademark for that word.  

The price of Worcestershire sauce is relatively high as far as sauces go.

Price List

Model Price
Dipitt Worcestershire Sauce 300gm Rs. 350
Shangríla Worcestershire Sauce 300ml Rs. 240
Razmin Worcestershire Sauce, 300ml Rs. 815
Shangríla Worcestershire Sauce 300ml Rs. 240
Shangrila Worcestershire Sauce 800ml Rs. 290
French's Worcestershire Sauce 148ml Rs. 420
Worcestershire Sauce 300Ml Rs. 720
Key Brand Worcestershire Sauce 750ml Rs. 225
Key Brand Worcestershire Sauce 300ml Rs. 140
Key Brand Worcestershire Sauce 300ml Rs. 0.90
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