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A brand based in China, Xiaomi is one of the largest tech brands in the world. Producing many products, including portable power solutions. Their power banks are well designed, with a nice finish as well. Smaller ones that would be easy to carry, to a slightly larger one that would fit in any small bag. Reliable and market-tested.


A bit about Xiaomi

Established in 2010, today Xiaomi is one of the largest smartphone brands in the world. The brand also produces a host of other devices that are geared for the modern digital lifestyle. This includes power banks, something that is a regular need for many people.

Xiaomi portable power

The power bank line is sold under the 'Mi' brand. Xiaomi Mi power banks have a few models, the smallest one at 5,000mAh is a slim compact device that would be easy to carry. It provides about 1.5 charges on average. A step up to models that are 10,000mAh, which could provide about 3.5 charges of phones. The largest currently being the 16,000mAh one, which has power for up to 5 charges. The number of charges also does depend on the phone being charged. With a chip designed to charge different devices as efficiently as possible by supplying power optimised for them.

Safety features

Electronics can often get damaged by surges and temperature. Xiaomi Mi power banks have features built into them that take care of such issues and more. 

Xiaomi Mi has made a name for themselves, a name of repute. Their products are of high quality and well built. The prices of their power banks vary, check the comparison on Shopsy.

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