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The best price of Xp Pen in Pakistan is Rs. 3,199 and estimated average price is Rs. 23,065.


XP-Pen manufactures a range of drawing tablets. These include the version which only work as in input interface working in tie with a computer and others that have built-in displays. The features vary from tablet to tablet, this means some have more buttons and knob while some have fewer buttons and no knobs. One can choose based on their need and the budget they have in mind. Prices are from the lower ranges all the way to the top.



A brand owned by the Chinese corporation Hanvon Ugee Group. It was started in 2005, in Japan. Today XP-Pen is one of the known brands producing drawing tablets of various kinds. These are a great way to draw in a digital environment and make sketches, paintings, 3D models or to retouch photographs and undertaking other such tasks.

The aim of the brand is to bring artists into the digital age with the ability to interact with software such as  Photoshop, GIMP, Krita, Paint Tool SAI, Corel Painter, Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint, Inkscape, Zbrush, Blender and more.

The XP-Pen types and features

There are a few different lines the brand has put out. The major differences though are in size, the number of buttons and whether a model has a built-in display or is used in tandem with a computer.

Functionally speaking the most important thing is the buttons as they aid one's workflow a lot. These can reduce the time it takes for you to execute smaller tasks and add to overall efficiency. This is very important to people who may be editing a large number of photographs. Certain models also have a jog wheel that one can use for navigation and other functions, again adding to one's speed. Specific models have a jog wheel that has a touch-pad at the centre, giving it even more working abilities.

The sizes for the tablets that connect to a computer range from around 6 by 4 inches all the way up to 11 by 6 inches and more. Tablets that have a built-in display range from around 11 inches all the way up to almost 24 inches. 

One can also choose between wireless and wired devices, this is a matter of how one likes to work and what is easier for them. Another interesting fact about XP-Pen tablets is that a lot of their styluses do not need a battery, which makes working on them very convenient. The styluses also understand the natural tilt while writing.

The tablets themselves have a varied range of sensitivity levels, some have over 8000 levels while some models can handle up to 2000 levels. In either case, this is quite a lot and would really help the line quality of ones drawing in being as natural as can be in this instance.


The designs of the XP-Pen range is sleek and slim, with most models being a full black. Some do have silver featured as well.

The prices vary depending on the size and whether the specific tablet has a built-in display or not. One can find a smaller plain tablet that would cost relatively low and other models that are expensive.

The XP-Pen tablets with built-in displays are costly. One can choose a tablet based on their needs and budget.

Price List

Model Price
XP-Pen Deco 03 Graphic Tablet Rs. 37,999
XP-PEN AC37-1 Protective Flim For Deco01 V2 Tablet Rs. 3,199
Xp-Pen Deco Pro Medium Graphic Tablet Rs. 41,499
XP-Pen Deco Pro Small Graphic Tablet Rs. 32,799
XP-Pen Deco Fun XS Graphic Tablet Rs. 12,099
Xp-Pen Star 06C Graphic Tablet Rs. 24,599
XP-Pen Deco L Graphic Tablet Rs. 29,499
XP-Pen Star G640 Graphics Tablet Rs. 16,699
XP-Pen G430S OSU Ultrathin Graphic Tablet Rs. 9,199
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