Xpert Kitchen Hood Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Xpert Kitchen Hood in Pakistan is Rs. 50,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 50,000.


Having a kitchen hood installed helps with keeping your kitchen well ventilated. The Xpert Kitchen Hood range has multiple options one could choose from. The sizes vary so you can get one that fits into your kitchen.


The Xpert Kitchen Hoods are made from stainless steel and tempered glass, this makes them sturdy and also easier to wipe down.

Kitchen hoods are a great way to keep your kitchen free from smoke and fumes. These work better than exhaust fans as they are installed directly above the stovetop. As soon as the smoke and fumes are created the kitchen hood's exhaust sucks them out.

Xpert Kitchen Hoods have filers inside their exhaust systems this makes sure that the fan does not get clogged up with the grease present in the fumes and smoke. These filters should be cleaned on a timely schedule so everything runs efficiently.

Fan speeds make sure you have the optimised speed for whatever level and kind of cooking is going on. There are also lights built into these kitchen hoods, these light up the stove area well so you can see better as you cook. This is great to keep and eye on your cooking, knowing when the browning is enough or not.

The controls are touch-activated making for simple action and also a smoother surface that is easier to keep clean. The Xpert Kitchen Hoods are expensive appliances to purchase.

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Model Price
Mekappa CL11N-90X OPERA kitchen hood Rs. 50,000
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