Yamaha Generator Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Yamaha Generator in Pakistan is Rs. 125,792 and estimated average price is Rs. 187,543.


A very convenient piece of equipment to have as a back-up in case of power failure or as a power source while being in areas without access to electricity. Run on various fuels and available with different power ratings depending on your requirements.

Pros & Cons


  • Off grid application

  • Smaller ones are easily portable

  • Backup in case of load-shedding


  • Not environment friendly

  • Can be noisy

  • Larger ones are heavy


Yamaha in the generator business

Yamaha being a brand that has worked extensively on electronics and mechanical machines has developed a range of portable generators, smaller in size and weight that could be carted relatively easily and have enough power generation to handle a medium-sized endeavour. These are great for farmhouses or cabins that are not regularly used but one would need electricity there when visiting, just have one stored on location or load one of these in a jeep so you have enough power to keep your visit lit.

General sizes and features

Being built rugged helps as they shall be fewer chances of these failing despite not being used regularly. These smaller Yamaha generators are from 0.8 kVA up to 12 kVA and run on petrol which is a convenient fuel to find, also better as these will be in closer proximity to the area they are powering up and diesel generators can be very noisy. A Yamaha generator at around 6 kVA could run even larger devices like a fridge and AC in emergencies and also due to the ample space in the tank with that power output means it won't burn through the fuel in an hour or two. Yamaha uses brushless alternators so the maintenance is lower over time and they run better over extended periods as with the brushed alternators there is buildup due to the friction. The mid-sized ones are also built with a pipe frame around them and wheels so one can carry them or roll them around, although carrying would require some effort as the dry weight is a substantial amount and one person lifting it would not end well. 

Oil levels & auto decompression

Keeping in mind these might not be used regularly Yamaha has you covered as far as the oil levels go. Most of their generators have a light to warn you in case the levels drop too much thus helping you look after your generator before it gets damaged. To make sure they can start on a low voltage themselves the engines have Auto Decompression that is engaged when starting, this reduces the compression and requires lesser force to kick start.

Other features

Built with attention to running things well so fluctuations from the generator don't damage other devices, for this they incorporate AVR Voltage Regulators so the supply is a constant voltage. The ones that are 5 kVA and above usually have digital displays that let you know run time and voltage details so you can keep track of where you are with the fuel levels and if you need more or not. Most Yamaha engines have a reputation in the market for being reliable so combining their mechanical research with power generation has also ended up with them having a leading name in backup generators.

Price List

Model Price
Yamaha P Generator EF6600E 5.5 Rs. 199,999
Yamaha EF2600FW Petrol Generator 2.3 KVA Self Sta… Rs. 138,383
Yamaha EF2600FW Petrol Generator 2.3 KVA Rs. 125,792
Yamaha EF7200E Petrol Generator 6.0 KVA Rs. 286,000
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