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The best price of Yaqoot Stone in Pakistan is Rs. 698 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,568.


A dazzling red coloured precious gem, both Garnet and Ruby are called Yaqoot stone in Urdu, despite their dissimilarities. To be more precise, Garnet is "تامڑا یاقوت" and Ruby is "یاقوت ربانی" in the Urdu language. Generally, Yaqoot mostly refers to Ruby gemstone. Ruby or Yaqoot stone price in Pakistan varies depending on the origin, clarity, colour, cut and size.


While Garnet is popular too, it is a semi-precious gem, whereas Ruby or Yaqoot is quite expensive and rare. It is among the 5 cardinal precious gems including blue sapphire, purple amethyst, white diamonds and green emeralds. Large-sized gem-quality red rubies are the rarest and are even more expensive than comparably sized diamonds. 

Benefits of Ruby or Yaqoot Stone

Yaqoot is known to bring wisdom, prosperity and wealth to its wearer. It also prevents blood-related disorders and diseases and experts believe that those suffering from blood issues should wear Yaqoot stone rings. Yaqoot is also known as the stone of courage and is thought to bring strength and resilience to the wearer, helping him walk fearlessly through the misfortunes or hurdles of life. 

Characteristics of Real Yaqoot Stone (Ruby)

To tell real yaqoot stone from fake, observe its shine under a light. The shine should be bright and deep, akin to the shine of a traffic stoplight. Scratching the surface of yaqoot can also tell if it is real or fake. If it gets scratched easily or breaks with pressure or rigorous scratching it is definitely not real. To tell the difference between garnet and ruby (yaqoot), hold the gem in bright flashlight and move it around till the stone creates a rainbow spectrum. If you see orange, green or yellow colours in the spectrum, the gem is likely a garnet, as yaqoot (ruby) absorbs yellow, green and orange and doesn't reflect them as garnets do. 

Colours of Yaqoot Ruby Stone

Ruby or Yaqoot usually occur in red, purple, black, pink, grey and brown colours. It is also found in yellow, orange or green colours. The red coloured variety of Yaqoot stone is the most sought after around the world and available in beautiful shades of red like deep scarlet, dazzling reddish-pink and purplish red.

Value In Different Religions

Yaqoot and Coral stones are mentioned in the Holy Quran in Chapter 55 Surat Ar-Rahman in verse number 58, as the defining skin tone and complexion of the Hoor al ayn. The Hoor al ayn or Houris are the exotically beautiful beings of paradise rewarded to the righteous Muslims. Yaqoot (Ruby) is also mentioned in the Bible and ancient Sanskrit writing, deeming it to be the most precious of all gemstones. 

Yaqoot Stone Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, Yaqoot looks beautiful when studded in silver, platinum or white gold. Real Yaqoot stones can be used in all sorts of jewellery such as rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings or bracelets. 

Yaqoot (Ruby) Birthstone

Astrologers believe that wearing birthstones can give numerous health and spiritual benefits to the wearer. People born in July are said to be the perfect candidates for adorning original Yaqoot Stone (Ruby).

As with all precious gems such as neelam, feroza, aqeeq, topaz, opal etc, before planning to buy an original yaqoot or ruby stone jewellery, consult a learned Astrologer. They are experts who can tell you whether any gem will suit you or will prove to be dangerous. Rubies or Yaqoot is mainly found in Asia and the Myanmar rubies are considered the top quality and the most expensive of the lot. They have the brightest and deepest red fluorescence which is called the pigeon's blood red. Yaqoot is sold in carats, "ratti" or "tola" in Pakistan and India.  

Price List

Model Price
Oval Cut Red Ruby / yaqoot stone / Diamond cut Av… Rs. 990
Oval Cut Red Ruby / yaqoot stone / Diamond cut Av… Rs. 990
Red Yaqoot Gem Stone_With Free Surprised Gifts. Rs. 698
Blue Haqeeq,Sun Shine, Red Haqeeq yaqoot colour o… Rs. 863
Ruby yaqoot stone Rs. 4,000
Blue Haqeeq,Sun Shine, Red Haqeeq yaqoot colour o… Rs. 863
Ruby (Yaqoot) Stone Silver Ring HB-565 Rs. 3,150
Oval Cut Red Ruby / yaqoot stone / Diamond cut Av… Rs. 990
Red Yaqoot Gem Stone_With Free Surprised Gifts. Rs. 698
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