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Optimising the grip of your racket or making sure to change it when it is worn out is a great way to keep your game control in check too. The Yonex Grip Tape is one of the best options one can get on the market as this is a leading brand in the badminton segment.


Yonex Grip Tape comes in a lot of variations with how it feels and also in colours. The colours are a great way to accessorise your racket and overall look. Yonex labels their grips with the 'Super Grap' label; since its launch in 1987 Super Grap has sold enough to wrap the Earth many times over.

The different options with feel consist of tacky feel, absorbent and tacky feel, anti-bacterial and deodorization, moist feel with high absorbency and more. One can pick between the types that suit their grip and how they play.

Yonex Grip Tape itself has some cushion to it so one gets a supple hold on their racket and also absorbs some of the shock. These grips can be used on various kinds of rackets that are for different racket sports as well.

In case you are purchasing for a team or need backups, the Yonex Grip Tape also comes in combo packs.

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