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The best price of Yonex Shuttlecock in Pakistan is Rs. 2,250 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,250.


A shuttlecock is used to play badminton. Yonex is one of the leading brands when it comes to equipment for badminton and also produces shuttlecocks of various kinds. The price is relatively affordable, though compared to other shuttlecocks the prices would be a bit higher.


Yonex makes some of the best equipment for badminton and other racket sports, it is based in Japan. The brand is used at the top levels of the game. Roughly 70% plus players use their rackets for badminton. 

The Yonex shuttlecocks are either with feathers or nylon ones. The former is not as long-lasting but are the more professional ones. The latter, nylon ones, are faster but also do not break as easily; the speed makes it a great practice shuttle and good for club matches as well.

The nylon shuttlecocks also have coloured bands that signify speed. Red bands are the fastest, blue is the middle speed and green ones are slower.

The price of Yonex shuttlecocks is higher than what they would generally cost, but these are high-quality versions; a relatively mid-range price overall.

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Model Price
Yonex Mavis 2000 Yellow Shuttlecocks-Blue Cap (6 … Rs. 2,250
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