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The best price of Youngs Foods in Pakistan is Rs. 79 and estimated average price is Rs. 600.


Young is a household name with classic sauces such as Ketchup and Mayonaise being introduced into the market in 1988. Their products are Halal ensuring that they can be consumed by Muslims everywhere. Processed in a pure and hygienic environment certified as a healthy, nutritional and wholesome food source. Making meal preparations easy and convenient with reusable and easily storable packaging.


The popular foods supplier launched Young’s Chicken Spread in 1989, it was the first product of its kind in Pakistan. Followed by the Sandwich Spread, Chocolate Spread, Olive Spread and Mayo Garlic enjoyed by children and adults. Making it easy to prepare school and work lunches, saving precious time and energy. This is also a great way to prepare a snack on a budget.

The spreads were a hit in the Pakistani market and are now available in both bottle and soft packaging that saves space in the fridge. The sauces and spreads can be stored for a long time in the fridge ensuring that they are always readily available to anyone in the family.

Other Products

The Young’s Natural Honey is another addition to the product range with wholesome and nutritious properties ideal for consumption as it is for adding to other foods. Young’s Maska is a butter-based product that makes it easy to prepare breakfast toast when short on time, it is a soft spread butter that does not need to be heated to be spread evenly on toast and buns.

Variety Of Flavours

There is a BBQ flavoured Chicken Spread that is enjoyed by adults who prefer their spread to be spicy according to Pakistani cuisine. The favourite of children and young teenagers is the affordable Young's Choco Bliss Crave available in flavours of Milk Chocolate favour and Hazelnut Chocolate. The chocolate spread can be used on cakes, toast, buns and milk to create a variety of sweet treats and desserts.

Young also offers a Creamy and Salted version of their classic Mayonnaise that is more suited to Pakistani tastes. The Youngs dip sauces include Mayo Red Chilli, Mayo Garlic and Mayo Chup that save the hassle of preparing any variations for parties and dinners. Best had with chips and fried snacks like samosas and pakoras. These are great to use in burgers and sandwiches as they are ready to be used out of the bottle of packet adding rich flavours to your meals.

Price List

Model Price
Youngs Chicken Spread Pouch 1ltr Rs. 830
Young's Chicken Bar-B-Que Spread 500ml Pouch Rs. 670
French Youngs Sandwich Spread Rs. 460
Youngs French Chicken Spread Rs. 175
Young's Chicken Spread 300ml Rs. 455
Young's Chicken Spread 500ml Pouch Rs. 645
Young's Chicken Spread 1Ltr Pouch Rs. 1,150
Young Poong Yopokki Jjajang Topokki Rice Cake, Ha… Rs. 525
Youngs Mayonnaise French Rs. 280
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