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The best price of Zandu Balm in Pakistan is Rs. 160 and estimated average price is Rs. 160.


A balm that is used to treat pains, headaches and colds. Zandu Balm originates from India and dates back to over a hundred years. This balm is available for nominal prices in Pakistan.


Zandu Balm

A pain-relieving balm that is also used for headaches and colds. Zandu Balm has been around for over a century and is one of the go-to options in its category and is an Ayurvedic concoction.

The ingredients of Zandu Balm include mentha extract, gaultheria fragrantissima oil and eucalyptus globulus oil.

How to use

Zandu Balm is only to be applied topically and one should avoid getting it anywhere near their eyes or mucus membranes. It can be applied to the area that hurts to relax the muscles. For a cold, it can be applied on the chest or also under the nose so one can breathe in the mint to help open up your airways.


At a base level, Zandu Balm is similar to other things such as Tiger BalmVicks rub and Wintogeno. The effects of all these vary a bit in the sense that they all are made of different ingredients, although for the most part, the purposes are similar to some degree.

The price of Zandu Balm is nominal in Pakistan.

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Emami Zandu Balm 10Ml Rs. 160
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