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The best price of Zard Aqeeq in Pakistan is Rs. 4,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,500.


Aqeeq or Agate is available in many colours and finishes. Zard variant is the Yellow Agate that comes in many shades of yellow. Check zard aqeeq stone prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Gemstones have a special place in almost all religions including Islam and Christianity. The Holy Prophet P.B.U.H was said to have worn aqeeq stone embedded in a silver ring on his right hand. Many Muslims wear the same as it is considered Sunnah. While black is the most commonly worn aqeeq stone, zard aqeeq is also mostly preferred by men. The rules of wearing aqeeq are simple but very important and they state that the aqeeq should touch your skin and should be a real stone.

Benefits of Zard Aqeeq Ring

1. Yellow agate brings strength, joy and courage to the wearer and also improve their eyesight.

2. It takes away tension, depression or sadness from one's life, also eliminating negative feelings.

3. The stone is also known to bring sustenance, an abundance of rizq and protection against enemies and black magic. 

4. Aqeeq is also said to bring good luck to people with whom it shares great chemistry.

5. It entirely depends on how much the stone's energy is compatible with the wearer's energy. If both match, the stone has astounding powers to bring good luck and well being to the wearer.

6. It can save you from hardships and mishaps and also reduces stress. 

7. The stone is also said to have spiritual healing properties like curing stomach aches, tooth and gum problems, sleep disorders like insomnia and detoxifies by removing toxic buildup inside the body.


As with all precious gems, before planning to buy original gemstone jewellery, consult a learned Astrologer. They are experts who can tell you whether any gem will suit you or will prove to be dangerous. 

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Natural Zard Aqeeq Ring , Yellow Agate Ring , 925… Rs. 4,500
Natural Zard Aqeeq Ring , Yellow Agate Ring , 925… Rs. 4,500
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