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The best price of Zero Frizz Serum in Pakistan is Rs. 1,200 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,550.


Get rid of frizzy and unruly hair with Schwarzkopf Zero Frizz Serum. It is infused with a butter complex, silicone and UV protection that nourishes and smoothes hair while protecting it. The result is beautiful and tangle-free hair with no frizz. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue. Zero Frizz Serum prices in Pakistan can be compared on this page.


Zero Frizz Serum Uses

Often over-shampooing can dry the hair and leave them frizzy. In most cases, some people naturally tend to have unruly hair or it could be due to an improper diet or hormonal imbalance.

Using a hair-softening serum like the Zero Frizz can help tame unmanageable and rough-looking hair. It is a lightweight hair conditioning formula that is enriched with a triple butter complex, silicone and UV protection. This prevents split ends and also keeps the hair moisturized while also protecting it against the harmful rays of the sun.

The serum nourishes dry and damaged hair and creates a protective barrier from root to tip. This prevents breakage, dryness, damage and strengthens the hair with regular use. The result is a shiny smooth silly mane with no frizz or flyaway hair. The serum also helps with hair styling and protects the hair against heat damage.

How To Use

Wash and condition your hair well. While your hair is still wet, take a few drops of Zero Frizz Serum and rub between your palms to warm the product. Then evenly apply to all the hair, paying special attention to the ends. This is a leave-in formula and doesn't need to be rinsed off.

For a more intensive hair treatment go for a newer variant called the Zero Frizz Keratin Corrective Hair Serum that is enriched with keratin, ceramides, proteins and vitamins.

Price List

Model Price
Zero Frizz Triple Butter Serum Rs. 1,350
Schwarzkopf Zero Frizz Keratin Corrective Hair Se… Rs. 1,825
Zero Frizz Triple Butter Serum, 148ml Rs. 2,200
Zero Frizz Keratin Serum Rs. 1,200
Schwarzkopf Zero Frizz Triple Butter Serum 148ml Rs. 1,825
Zero Frizz Keratin Serum, 148ml Rs. 2,200
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