Bread Baskets

Compare 18 prices from 7 stores.

Compare 18 prices from 7 stores.

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$14 - $209
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The best price of Bread Baskets in the USA is $14.99 and the estimated average price is $58.

Price List

Model Price
Toasty Bread Basket $39.99
Toasty Round Bread Basket $39.99
Jute French Bread Basket $19.99
Palm Medallion Bread Basket $22.99
Alfredo Large Bread Basket $88.55
Cobra Bread Basket $99
Jute Bread Basket $14.99
Olive Wood Bread Basket $79.20
Flutes & Pearls Bread Basket $100
Alfredo Small Bread Basket $78.60
Spode Christmas Tree Bread Basket $39.99
Port Bread Basket by Lluis Clotet Wrinkled Inspir… $177.11